Christian's WrestleMania Role: Are His Best Days Behind Him?

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIFebruary 28, 2013


Christian really is an underrated talent, but his spot on the WWE roster is hard to place. Where exactly should he be?

If Punk didn't drop his famous pipebomb and explode to megastardom, 2011 may well have been Christian's year.

WWE officials, particularly Vince (via, may not be high on Captain Charisma as a main eventer, but in 2011 he proved he could thrive in a top spot.

Christian's promos consistently drew good heat, and almost every match he touched turned to gold.

CM Punk vs John Cena at Money in the Bank was the most important match of the year, but it could be argued that Christian vs Randy Orton at SummerSlam was the best.

The Instant Classic put on quality matches with everyone; Orton, Sheamus, Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry; the list goes on and on.

After his main event run with Randy Orton, Christian moved onto a high profile feud with Sheamus, but was injured toward the program's end.

It's unclear how much longer WWE planned to keep him under such a bright spotlight, but he returned in May to win the Intercontinental championship at Over The Limit.

He would go on to lose the title at Raw 1000 and requested time off for shoulder surgery soon thereafter.

Christian has recently been medically cleared to wrestle, but rumor is that WWE may hold off on his return until after WrestleMania (via

That will make this the third consecutive WrestleMania Christian will miss out on due to injury. 

He was medically cleared too late to be integrated into a match at WrestleMania XXVII, and was booked to be a part of Team Johnny at last year's event but was dropped, again due to injury.

Are Christian's best days behind him?

All of his peeps are clamoring for another world championship reign, but it seems as unlikely as ever, despite his high work rate. 

As mentioned, Christian was never particularly over with upper management as a top star, and has been injury prone in these last few years.

Then there's age. Christian is currently 39 years old, which isn't too old, but with WWE focusing on pushing the stars of tomorrow, it seems unlikely that another big push is in line for Christian as he nears 40. 

If another world championship run is out of the question, is Christian's role simply to put over newer talent, or is there a middle ground?

It's been noted that Vince considers Christian a "reliable hand"; he knows Christian can consistently put on solid performances in the ring.

Christian may not be considered a legend yet, but as a WWE veteran some would argue that he could occupy a spot similar to that Shawn Michaels did; kept away from the title, but used to deliver great matches.

A superstar's status within WWE can be captured best by their role at the Showcase of Immortals.

Should WWE leave him off WrestleMania, all of Christian's peeps may have something to worry about, as it would be a grim sign for his future in the company.