Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus Is a Great Future Rivalry

Ryan DilbertFeatured Columnist IVMarch 30, 2017

WWE has a potentially all-time great rivalry in its holster in Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

It's a feud that offers WWE a number of stories to tell; England vs. Ireland, power vs. power, good vs. evil.

Finding the perfect rival can sometimes be the difference between success and legendary status. These two potential arch-enemies are among the current crop of stars on the upswing, an ideal match.

Barrett and Sheamus are of similar sizes. They both have a smash-mouth approach to pro wrestling. Already, they are among WWE's best brawlers and only seem to get better with each passing month.


Shared Brutality

The matches Barrett and Sheamus would put on would be akin to rams banging horns, to bears battling in the wild.

They wallop their opponents with stiff blows. Their brawls are convincing and compelling. It's seems that every time they clash, they produce something memorable. 

This match from Raw is a preview to the hard-hitting wars they could have together. Imagine how gorgeously violent they can make their ring work.

Of course, WWE is about more than the fighting element of matches. It's the narrative that truly powers the greatest matches.

Sheamus' recent tenure as a heroic warrior has seen him thrive. Barrett, on the other hand, was born to play the villain. Everything from his snarl, to his viciousness, to his arrogance, screams heel.

It's not hard to imagine a future where Barrett and Sheamus are battling over the WWE title.

Picture Barrett initiating a corporate takeover of WWE or leading another group of destructive rebels like Nexus. Sheamus can be right there, the charming warrior capable of stopping Barrett's barrage.

WWE also has the option of bringing history to the tale.


History of Conflict

The company can play up Barrett's English background and Sheamus' Irish origin, drawing fuel from those two countries' long, tenuous relationship.

WWE has tried before to create tension that doesn't exist between nations like trying to get American fans to dislike the Swiss Antonio Cesaro. With Barrett and Sheamus, there is something real to tap into, although it'd have be done with tact.

Alternatively, WWE can tap into their personal history.

Sheamus and Barrett have been fighting each other for as long as they've been wrestling. They wrestled against each other when they both worked for Irish Whip Wrestling.

How great is it that WWE can air footage of the two rivals battling it out from the beginning? Imagine if WWE had grainy footage of Undertaker and Shawn Michaels or The Rock and Steve Austin wrestling in some distant, independent ring.

Barrett can give Sheamus as physical a battle as Big Show did in 2012, but he offers more quickness and versatility. Barrett's career high so far has been when his Nexus squad faced off against John Cena. In many ways, Sheamus is a more well-rounded version of Cena.

Perhaps Barrett and Sheamus were destined to be each other's greatest foes. Perhaps their career-defining feud will come when their respective paths fuse.

When Barrett and Sheamus are both fighting to be WWE's king, it's going to be a war that fans won't soon forget.