CM Punk and Paul Heyman's Association Should Not End Now

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

There seems to be a lot going on now with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the WWE.  From Heyman acting like a mouthpiece for a returning Brock Lesnar, to Punk possibly going up against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, will the top duo in the WWE go their separate ways sooner rather than later?

The association between CM Punk and Paul Heyman should not end now, regardless of the angles either one of these two are thrown into.

They are the best pair in the WWE and have worked well together since their intentions became clear last year.

Heyman has done a great job of getting Punk heat and has also managed to not overshadow the former WWE Champion.

He’s even gotten involved with Punk’s matches more recently, saving Punk from being the victim of a People’s Elbow on RAW and trying to help him win the title at Elimination Chamber.

With Lesnar coming back, and CM Punk’s WrestleMania status still on the fence, the WWE might like the idea of sticking Heyman back with Lesnar and letting Punk do his own thing.

But what would Heyman do after Lesnar leaves?  Lesnar is on a limited schedule after all, and with the heat Heyman can draw from a crowd, it would seem pointless to have him only appear with Lesnar.

We even saw Heyman getting ready to quit a few weeks ago on Raw.  Should this be taken as a sign that the WWE will send Punk and Heyman in different directions?

They work well together, and even though the possibility that the duo might go separate ways exists, as long as the WWE Universe isn’t sick of seeing them together, their association should continue.


A Good Thing

The duo of Paul Heyman and CM Punk needs to continue for as long as possible in the WWE.  Ever since Punk said he was a “Paul Heyman guy” in his famous pipe bomb speech, fans in the WWE were waiting to see them team up.

And when they finally did, it was a good thing.  Punk was struggling to get over as a heel, but when Heyman joined him, fans across the WWE Universe realized that Punk was no longer the babyface champion they had been cheering.

There might have been an initial worry that Heyman would act too much like a mouth piece for CM Punk, but the results of pairing these two up were fantastic. Heyman was used more as an enhancement to Punk instead of a mouthpiece.

Heyman helped get Punk over as he would parade around with him, holding the WWE Champion belt up in the air.

They both, though, still stand out on their own.  Heyman has had his own issues with Vickie Guerrero and Vince McMahon, and Punk has had his own issues with the Rock.

Still, even though they can speak on their own, neither one would be as successful at the top as they are now if they weren’t working together.

Yes, Punk was at a top level before teaming up with Heyman, and Heyman himself is one of the best managers in the wrestling history, but their association made them the top heels in the WWE.

Their alignment has been good for business and is something that most fans reacted to right away.


So Much More

The association between Punk and Heyman, if given even more time, will hopefully turn out to be much more than just an association.

Heyman and Punk may go separate ways, especially with Lesnar coming back. But instead of splitting the duo up, why not turn it into a stable?

Why not set up a new Deadly Alliance, one that would include Punk, Lesnar and the Shield, with Heyman leading?

The longer the alliance continues between Punk and Heyman, the more of a chance there is to bring in other wrestlers.

Lesnar would fit in well in an alliance because of his limited contract. He would act as the muscle and could come to the defense of the group from time to time when they needed it.

It would also help give the Shield guidance, especially since they would be aligned with Heyman and Punk instead of simply acting like wrestlers for hire.

The idea or even the possibility of a new Deadly Alliance should leave all WWE fans drooling.

They would run rampant on Raw and SmackDown, and when the alliance finally comes to an end, a huge match could be built up between Punk and Lesnar.

Yes, the association of Punk and Heyman could be much more than it is now.


Eventually Ending

Of course Punk and Heyman will eventually go their separate ways one day.

But right now in the WWE, they have one of the best gimmicks going.  They work well together every time they get in the ring to shoot a promo, and they know how to work the crowd.

And if the fans keep reacting the way they do, it should be even more encouragement to keep these two together.

If anything, the possibility for their alliance to be much more remains and hopefully with a little more time, the WWE will make the Punk-Heyman association into something bigger.


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