WrestleMania 29: Will Triple H/Brock Lesnar Be Able to Replace the Undertaker?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 24, 2013


We should know Monday night what the WWE plans to do with Brock Lesnar in regard to WrestleMania when Vince McMahon makes his triumphant return to the ring.

It was McMahon who told Paul Heyman, Vickie Guerrero and the WWE Universe there would be a fight between the chairman of the WWE and Brock Lesnar's personal advisor as part of retaliation for Lesnar delivering an F-5 to McMahon, "injuring" him and putting him out of action.

Personally, I see this as a chance to build Lesnar's return to the ring, where I suspect he will face Triple H. This would be part of an angle where Triple H defends the honor of his father-in-law and the McMahon family name.

Somewhere, I suspect Tony Soprano is smiling from ear to ear. 

The possible program with "The Cerebral Assassin" and "The Beast" might be used as an elixir to cure the loss of The Undertaker, who has not been confirmed as part of the biggest night in wrestling on April 7 in New Jersey.

Could the idea of a second meeting between Lesnar and Triple H make fans forget the images of The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels in arguably the greatest match in WrestleMania history? Probably not. But a match of this kind does have some importance and some merit to it.

Because there is a possibility The Undertaker will not make an appearance in New Jersey, Triple H becomes the veteran focal point of the program. The Rock and John Cena/CM Punk will be widely talked about, but it also may not get the stroke it needs should it indeed be Cena going to WrestleMania 29 to face the current WWE champion.

Lesnar, at some point, will either challenge for a World title, and his victory over Triple H (again) would be the stepping stone toward that, possibly locking up a confrontation with The Rock. That could eventually lead to a possible meeting between Lesnar and CM Punk, with whom Heyman has been associated with.

Just by trying to get "even," McMahon in his own crafty way has set up matches for WrestleMania and beyond. It also keeps the WWE title and The Rock relevant beyond April. 

McMahon may have lost the battle a month ago when he was "injured," but it is a sure bet he will win the war. It begins Monday night, and it ends with a solid match that could make up for the loss of one of WWE's biggest stars.