Breaking News: The Undertaker Returns to WWE, Wrestles at House Show

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 23, 2013

photo from Rick Achberger's twitter
photo from Rick Achberger's twitter

Well, this is certainly a surprise.

Per fan reports (via, The Undertaker made a shock appearance at Saturday night's WWE house show in Waco, Texas, teaming up with Sheamus to take on Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow.

Longtime WWE fan Rick Achberger (aka Rick the WWE Sign Guy) was in attendance and even posted a picture of the returning star in his official Twitter account.

This marked The Undertaker's first official WWE appearance since he defeated Triple H last year in a thrilling bout at WrestleMania 28.

Notably, he lives in the state, which no doubt meant he could get there easier. It's very likely this was a last-minute decision on Undertaker's part when he heard they were in town. If WWE had known he was going to be there beforehand, they would have surely advertised hm.

This is an interesting development for a few reasons.

While Undertaker's undefeated streak is a cornerstone of the WrestleMania pay-per-view, many wondered if the legend was going to participate in a match at this year's PPV, with reports emerging (PWInsider via WrestlingInc) that management, even this close to the event, were still unsure if they could count on "The Deadman" to work the show.

At his stage in his life (he's 47) and with his physically wracked body, wrestling on the show against CM Punk (the rumored challenger) would certainly be a questionable decision.

Of course, there is apparently more to the issue than just the question of "Can he physically do it?"

Per reports (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via WrestlingInc), his pride is also an issue. Oh, sure, he could likely show up and work some sort of a match at WrestleMania. But could it be up the quality of his previous MOTY bouts?

Hey, there's no guarantee Punk could be able to work with, and carry, Undertaker to the level Triple H and Shawn Michaels did. No wonder he's having doubts.

However, his appearance at Saturday night's show in Waco could indicate a willingness to get back in there. Following on from this, will The Undertaker be showing up on television soon?