Jack Swagger Arrest: Is the WWE Fast-Forwarding Jack Swagger's Push?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 25, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Look at Jack Swagger's booking without knowledge of his recent triple-crown arrest and everything seems normal. 

He's being booked on live events.  He's not doing the job.  His angle is receiving mainstream attention and he continues to be promoted by the WWE on its YouTube channel. 

Everything seems normal. 

But knowing that less than one week ago Jack Swagger's mugshot was being brandished on TMZ.com, Swagger's otherwise normal booking seems stranger than fiction. 

Authoritarianism has been a hallmark of the WWE brass in the Vince McMahon era.  Superstars have been sent to McMahon's doghouse for reasons much less severe than speeding in a vehicle impaired and carrying marijuana. In some cases these reasons are never explained. 

With the WWE is still remaining silent on potential punishment for Jack Swagger, one of two things has happened.  Either the WWE has chosen to sweep this episode under the rug for now and soldier on through WrestleMania; or they will opt to address the situation via storyline by phasing Jack Swagger out of the WrestleMania picture on TV. 

Swagger and manager Zeb Colter's presence on the WWE's YouTube channel at first glance is promising.  But looking deeper, the abundance of videos could be a sign that the WWE is accelerating what was supposed to be a slow burn over the course of a month or so. 

The first "we the people" video, entitled "Immigration," was released six days ago.  There have been six videos released in the five days since.  

Colter's provocative, race-baiting promos started out as thinly veiled shots at illegal immigrants, particularly Hispanics. 

Initially, Colter never directly identified "these people" who were "crossing our borders," and for good reason.  He had plenty of time to get to that point and seemed to be doing so masterfully with promos that became more racially charged by the week.  

But in the recent swarm of WWE YouTube videos, Colter had made no bones about who the enemy is.  Using words like "Quinceanera" and "Spanish" in an irreverent, mean-spirited tone, the "these people" build has been paid off. 

Just over one month out from WrestleMania, this slow burn has suddenly turned into a flash fire. 

Is this the WWE's way of speeding up the "we the people" angle?  Will this lead to a world title match between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio on free TV instead of WrestleMania?

Or did Jack Swagger seriously just come out of this whole mess unscathed?