TNA Wrestling: Rockstar Spud Is Bringing the Show to Impact Wrestling

Chris Wilkerson@The_WilkersonCorrespondent IIFebruary 25, 2013

Credit: TNA Wrestling
Credit: TNA Wrestling

TNA’s newest star, Rockstar Spud, made his in-ring television debut last week at Wembley Arena in London.

After winning TNA’s British Boot Camp, the fans over here have been eager to see their new hero join other British wrestlers like Magnus and Robbie T on the TNA roster.

The diminutive star came out to face the obnoxious Robbie E two weeks after New Jersey’s most tanned export interrupted Rockstar’s interview segment and TV debut on Impact Wrestling.

This match, whilst a little bit of a throwaway with Spud’s home-crowd allegiances and Robbie’s own storyline ongoing, may show us what is to come from the Englishman each week on TNA.

This week, he was the face in front of the home crowd, but he has spent his recent years as a cocky heel using his size to be an annoyance and his ego to fan his own sense of self importance.

Both are roles he can play. For years in England, he was the underdog babyface who battled to overcome the disadvantages he had in size compared to his opponents.

He was loved in this role, so much so that the arrogance boomed and the rock star inside of him took over.

Rockstar Spud was born.

If you want hints as to just how much Rockstar Spud grew to love himself, then just watch his entrance. A showman who knows he’s a showman, it is the image of self-gratification.

He is a man who knows how to wind people up.

In an interview before British Boot Camp was aired, he told me that he loved to be hated. He knows that the best work he does involves winding people up and taking them on a journey that eventually sees his face getting kicked in.

After watching his match with Robbie E and having spoken to him about his wrestling, I think we may see a man who takes a lot of punishment and is not scared to embrace his disadvantage in height.

Fans I have talked to about Spud question his size, but I cannot see it being an issue.

If anyone knows how to combat this it is the man who has been doing it for years on end. We have guys of stature wrestling over here, too, and he’s gotten over against them. If anything, it just highlights his skill. He is not in TNA because of muscle or height; he is in TNA because he is very good at what he does.

He has history with a few names you would know, too. A feud with Samoa Joe in Windy City Wrestling should really emphasize his ability to work against physically dominant characters. It sounds like quite the mismatch, but that is where the fun lies!

Some of these feuds were on the same card as Sean Waltman, Claudio Castagnoli (with Paul Heyman), Zack Ryder, Awesome Kong, Heath Slater and one-on-one matches with Chris Masters.

He’s also fought another reasonably new member of TNA, Joey Ryan, whilst the mysterious Abyss has also come face to face with the cocky little Brit.

Two other British faces have taken on Spud. Magnus has had his run-ins with Spud, but fellow Boot Camp star Marty Scurll has had the more intense rivalry.

Spud chased the fight last year and the two put on some brutal shows. This was a classic cat-and-mouse feud, with Rockstar Spud poking at Scurll again and again until he provoked the fight he wanted.

Maybe that feud never ended, as truly exhibited by Spud punching Scurll in the face during a night out shown on British Boot Camp.

All in all, the guy is no rookie. Rockstar Spud has been waiting to make his name and he’s got a lot in his locker to make sure you don’t forget it.

The Impact Zone is about to meet its Rockstar!


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