NBA: Eastern Conference Is Better Than the Western Conference

Michael DangContributor IApril 11, 2009

Based on the NBA 2008-2009 standings alone, the Eastern Conference has shown that they are better than the Western Conference.

I know I know, many of you will argue that the West is better from one through eight and the East only has "three good teams." I've seen these arguments made by ESPN, Yahoo, and even analysts.

I go to the Lakers and Suns Yahoo Message Boards and most of them stand to believe that same argument ("The Suns would be a fifth seed if they played in the East"). Well, the NBA isn't made up of eight teams from each conference.

There is a total of 30 teams, so us fans need to account for each and every one of them. 

Here is a thorough comparison when ALL 30 TEAMS and their records are taken into consideration.


1. Top to Bottom

The Eastern Conference's teams one through three is much better than the Western Conference's one through three, but the WC four through nine teams are much better than the EC four through nine, while 10 through 15 from the East completely dominates 10-15 from the West.

2. Eastern Team vs. Western Team Regular Season Standings Comparison:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers > L.A. Lakers
  2. Boston > Denver Nuggets
  3. Orlando > Houston
  4. Portland > Atlanta
  5. San Antonio > Miami
  6. N.O. Hornets > Philadelphia Sixers
  7. Dallas Mavericks > Chicago Bulls
  8. Utah Jazz > Detroit Pistons
  9. Phoenix Suns > Charlotte Bobcats
  10. Indiana Pacers > Golden State Warriors
  11. New Jersey Nets > Minnesota Timberwolves
  12. Milwaukee Bucks > Memphis Grizzlies
  13. New York Knicks > OKC Thunder
  14. Toronto Raptors > L.A. Clippers
  15. Washington Wizards > Sacramento Kings

Based on the records comparison between teams, the East won nine of the 15 matchups, the West won six.

3. Atlantic/Central/ Southeast (51%) vs Southwest/Northwest/Pacific (49%):

  • Atlantic Division has a winning percentage of .490
  • Central Division has a winning percentage of .530
  • Southeast Division has a winning percentage of .501
  • Pacific Division has a winning percentage of .425
  • Northwest Division has a winning percentage of .497
  • Southwest Division has a winning percentage of .560

In head to head match ups this season, the East has won 51 percent of the games with 98 percent of the games played already.