WWE: With No WrestleMania Headline Match, What's Next for CM Punk?

Orly Rios Jr.Analyst IIFebruary 26, 2013

CM Punk is now winless on the year against the two biggest faces in the WWE.
CM Punk is now winless on the year against the two biggest faces in the WWE.

It's hard to figure out what exactly WWE intends to do with CM Punk, and maybe that's both a good and bad thing.

After being the longest WWE Champion in nearly 25 years, CM Punk lost his title belt of 443 days at the Royal Rumble in January to The Rock; a man who had not wrestled since April of 2012.

WWE sacrificed Punk's historic reign and possibly a great story line at WrestleMania 29 with The Undertaker in a streak vs. streak matchup in favor for The Rock, Hollywood coverage and ratings.

One month later, Punk lost in his rematch against The Rock at The Elimination Chamber. Both times Punk "won" only to lose in the end.

At Royal Rumble, Punk defeated The Rock thanks to help from The Shield, who turned off the lights and brutally attacked The Rock. After his win, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was on the verge of stripping Punk of his belt until The Rock asked to restart the match.

At Elimination Chamber, Punk hit The Rock with the GTS and pinned The Rock to an 18-count; problem was that the referee had been knocked out of the ring and was unable to count. Rock won the rematch effectively, ending Punk's historic title reign.

Two weeks ago on Raw, John Cena was called out by CM Punk as being unworthy of headlining WrestleMania and getting a title shot at The Rock. Cena gave in, throwing up his title shot for a match against Punk, but not until the following week when Raw was in Dallas.

On Monday, Cena and Punk not only put together the match of the night, but quite possibly, the best match of the year so far. A back and forth tilt with both guy hitting their submission moves and finishers. For the first time in years, I saw a pile driver; yes, a pile driver.

It was a great match, but a predictable one. Cena won and now has a clear cut road to WrestleMania 29 and The Rock for the WWE Title.

Now the only question remaining is, what happens to CM Punk?

Two pay-per-views, two losses, and with Monday's loss to John Cena, we now know that CM Punk will not be headlining WrestleMania 29.

So where does CM Punk ultimately end up on the WM29 card? The popular response from WWE fans has been a matchup against The Undertaker; however, Undertaker's status remains in question for WrestleMania. Even more, what possible story line could the WWE drop in the next month to garner enough interest in a CM Punk vs. Undertaker showdown?

We know the main event is John Cena vs. The Rock for the WWE title, with under-cards to include Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger for the Heavyweight title and Brock Lesner vs Triple H in a rematch from Summer Slam 2012. Another possible matchup includes The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US title, but after that, it's wide open.

We know WrestleMania is where the WWE will unload their entire roster, bringing out all the heavy hitters, so where exactly does CM Punk fit in?

A man who had the longest title reign in 25 years suddenly cannot win a match against the two biggest faces in professional wresting, so what exactly are the WWE's plans in the next month for CM Punk?