San Francisco 49ers: Why They Should Sign Zach Sudfeld

Michael PatmasCorrespondent IIIFebruary 26, 2013

Nevada's Zack Sudfeld: A Jason Witten Clone?
Nevada's Zack Sudfeld: A Jason Witten Clone?Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Who is Zach Sudfeld? Don't feel badly if you don't know. He's not exactly a household name.

This tight end from Nevada was not invited to the Senior Bowl or the NFL Scouting Combine. He is projected as a potential seventh-round draft pick but may not even be drafted at all. So why on earth should the San Francisco 49ers sign him? .

Sudfeld is a beast. At 6'7" and 255 pounds, Sudfeld is a big, strong target with sure hands. So why isn't he higher on the draft boards?

It might because he missed two seasons due to injuries and underwent six surgeries. That's enough to make anyone nervous about taking him. But I can tell you, Sudfeld is healthy now. He was extremely productive in his senior year and had 45 catches for 598 yards and eight touchdowns.

He reminds me of Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten. If you've ever seen Sudfeld play, the resemblance is striking. He's a clone of him. Like Witten, he just seems to be in the right place at the right time and is very athletic for such a big guy.

Sudfeld is not the quickest guy coming off the line, but he does display surprising athleticism in the open field. I particularly like how takes advantage of his height to go up and get the ball on crossing routes and out routes.

Is Sudfeld NFL material? I can't say for sure. I can tell you who would know: Colin Kaepernick. Someone in the 49ers front office should ask him.

But I think Sudfeld very well might be. In fact, he might be really good and a bargain in the seventh round or as an undrafted free agent. Give him a year to develop, some time in an NFL level strength program, a couple hundred filet mignons and the 49ers could soon have a 6' 7" 275 pound TE. You tackle him, I'll watch.