Zeb Colter's Promos Making Things Uncomfortable? That's a Good Thing

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2013


Since Jack Swagger has returned, he has teamed up with vocal mouthpiece Zeb Colter. Colter has brought Swagger's character to new heights, using his elite promo skills to boost a guy with great in-ring ability but poor promo skills.

The early result has been a big push for the former world champion. In the short time he has been back, Swagger has not lost a match. This includes the Elimination Chamber match that earned him a World Heavyweight Championship title shot at WrestleMania.

That is a quick reverse for a guy who was jobbing to Brodus Clay on a seemingly weekly basis.

However, Colter's promos and Swagger's current storylines have come under fire lately, as the media has picked up on Colter and Swagger's "anti-immigration" stance in the storyline with the Mexican Aristocrat.

Last night on Raw, Colter cut a very intimate and tense promo that left a lot of people feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. In all, it was a powerful promo that really got the fans against Swagger and Colter.

Although it left the air tense and uncomfortable to many, that is what that promo was supposed to do. That Colter promo was a throwback to the days when promos genuinely angered fans and had them wanting to rip the heels to shreds.

Too many times, heels have to resort to getting cheap heat by calling out the city they are in or being an outright troll by saying something so obviously false. That gets old quickly, so it's great that Colter is getting a genuine reaction from the media and fans.

Many of today's promos are lacking. If you look at the best promo-cutters, most are the long-time veterans of the sport like Chris Jericho, The Rock and when he isn't being an annoying moron telling lame jokes, John Cena. CM Punk is really the only new-age guy that can cut a promo that actually means something, and Damien Sandow can be included in that category as well.

The fact that Colter is so believable in his delivery and has people legitimately getting uncomfortable is a fresh breath of air. Plus, he is doing it without directing hate right at fans.

If you are reacting negatively to these promos and think they should be pulled, you obviously don't know what kayfabe is. For the rest of the people who can truly enjoy a tense, cutting-of-the-skin promo, you will continue to enjoy the heel mastery that Colter is laying down for Jack Swagger.