Wrestlemania 29: Why CM Punk vs. Undertaker Makes Sense

Chris PetlakContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE TV
Photo courtesy of WWE TV

“I am immortal … a legend. An icon”

Last night on RAW CM Punk proclaimed to the world that he was untouchable. He went on to say he was bigger than The Rock, bigger than Raw and bigger than the WWE title.

Well, guess what? CM Punk went on to lose to John Cena.

Yes, Cena will face The Rock at Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE Championship, but what about Punk?

If you go back to WWE.com and look over Punk’s promo, you’ll hear certain keywords and phrases that stand out.

Words like “icon” and phrases like “not in the same league.”

In this writer’s opinion, last night’s promo had nothing to do with John Cena, The Rock or even the WWE Championship, but it had everything to do with Undertaker.

As reported by BleacherReport.com earlier this week – Undertaker wrestled a tag match with Sheamus at a recent WWE house show.

It’s the first time Undertaker has wrestled in public in a very long time.

Quickly, the WWE Universe was buzzing about a possible Undertaker return, but he was nowhere to be found at last night’s RAW event in Texas.

Even though Undertaker wasn’t present physically, it was clear to me that the Phenom was not forgotten.


Personally, I half expected the bell to toll during CM Punk’s promo after a few minutes, but alas that never happened.

Undertaker has beaten all of the major players on the current WWE roster save for John Cena and Brock Lesnar, but Cena is wrapped up with The Rock and after Lesnar’s battle with Triple H on last night’s RAW it’s possible that they’ll go head-to-head at Wrestlemania.

That leaves CM Punk, a key WWE Superstar, without a Wrestlemania opponent.

There is still plenty of time for WWE Creative to spin a great match between Punk and Taker.

Hopefully, they’ll start it up sooner rather than later.

Besides, it's not truly Wrestlemania without Undertaker.