Mike Woodson Shows off Comedic Side with T-Shirt of Himself at Knicks Practice

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2013

Photo via Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal.
Photo via Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal.

It turns out New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson isn't all work and no play after all.

At practice, Woodson was seen donning a T-shirt (h/t Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal) of himself.

The portrayal of Woodson on his own attire was spot-on. He's captured staring at you with that same glossy, icy glare he always has, as if he can look into your soul.

Under his portrait, it simply reads "Coach."

Admittedly, Woodson's fashion preference here is surprising. Few of us would associate New York's perpetually scowling head honcho with anything hilarious. Yet here he is, sporting some of the most comical practice gear we've ever seen.

I'm left wondering who had this shirt made for Woodson.

Is this Carmelo Anthony's way of apologizing for smacking Spencer Hawes upside the head? Could Amar'e Stoudemire have bestowed this upon his coach in hopes of receiving more playing time? Was J.R. Smith giving him a preview of his next tattoo? Is February goatee-density awareness month?

Surely Woodson didn't wish this upon himself (we hope). James Dolan purposely draping himself in clothing that has his face all over it is something I could imagine. Woodson, though, not so much.

Either way, the shirt represents a side of Woodson we never see. Assuming he put this on willingly, he's apparently allowed to have some fun at practice.

And hey, the players get jerseys with their names on the back, why can't Woodson attempt to build his own brand?

Almost needless to say, we will be anxiously waiting for the NBA store to exclusively stock these goatee-fabulous shirts