Warriors vs. Pacers: How Indiana Can Keep Streak Going

Brittany JohnsonContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2013

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The Indiana Pacers (35-21) are rolling and show no sign of stopping. The Golden State Warriors (33-23) will pay a visit to the Pacers Tuesday. Indiana's on a four-game winning streak, and they're looking to make it five.

Can they do it?

Yes. There are certain things the Pacers must do to keep their streak alive and snap the Warriors' three-game winning streak.

First, they must maintain Stephen Curry. This will be the most crucial point of the game, as Curry can be lethal. Curry is leading Golden State with an average of 21.0 points per game. If he's left open, a basket is guaranteed.

Indiana, however, has one of the stingiest defenses in the league right now. The Pacers are first overall, only allowing an average of 89.4 points. Indiana should have no trouble containing the Warriors' offensive efforts.

It's tough to fool Indiana's defense, as they are constantly on the watch. Head coach Frank Vogel has set up an impeccable defense; he has a lethal lineup. This elite defense will capitalize on mistakes that are few for the Warriors.

And with such a superior defense, changes are rare. The Pacers will come at you with a fervency without having to rotate.

If the Pacers can hold the Warriors to under 90 points, this will be a victory for the Pacers.

Paul George and George Hill have been key players for the Pacers' success this season. They will play a big role in the game Tuesday against the Warriors.

George, who is leading the team with 17.6 points per game, is one of the most efficient players the Pacers contain. Getting him involved won't be a problem for the Pacers. As long as he is on the floor, the Pacers shouldn't have many worries.

Hill isn't afraid to take a three-ball and is shooting 36.9 percent from beyond the arc.  

Offensively, the Pacers have grown more and more comfortable with each other. They operate as a unit, which has been beneficial. What will be key for their success is their quickness offensively. This offense gets settled quickly and can get off a play in no time.

Danny Granger, who just recently made his return, is averaging 23.6 points against the Warriors for his career. This is the highest mark he has against any team. While he was rusty against the Detroit Pistons, Vogel knows what he's capable of.

If Granger is able to return tonight, the Warriors will have another problem to face.

Even if he doesn't, the Pacers are still a threat. This team is solid on both sides of the ball, and mistakes are rare. If the Pacers are clicking on all cylinders, their winning streak will be up to five.