Knicks Coach Mike Woodson Wears T-Shirt Destined to Make Every NBA Fan Jealous

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Chris Herring Tweet
Photo Credit: Chris Herring Tweet

In case you didn't know that the bald guy with a goatee was the coach and that he was also Mike Woodson, the Knicks head coach settled any confusion with the best shirt in the NBA

Don't worry, because all will be clear in a moment. 

The Wall Street Journal's Chris Herring was at Knicks practice on Tuesday and captured what has to be the very reason we started putting pictures on shirts. 

Yes, that is a shirt worn by Mike Woodson depicting the face of Mike Woodson with the simple word "coach" emblazoned under it all.

So meta. 

Of course, it only rivals the shirt worn by Paul Rudd in 40-Year Old Virgin

The great thing about this shirt is that it really suits any wearer, only necessitating the person grow a bushy goatee first. 

Oh to own a shirt where you can actually look people in the eye and point to your chest and offer, "that's right, this this guy."

Alas, we will stick to our non-hipster wardrobe and leave all the cool swag to the head coach of the 33-20 Knicks. 

MSG Network's Alan Hahn (h/t Yahoo! Sports) has a bit more for us in the form of this closeup that really only increases our need to pay whatever it costs to own this shirt. 

He also reports the next installment of the behind-the-scenes series "The Mike Woodson Show" will be a must-see affair. 

So if you are wondering who has the best wardrobe in the league, it's not Russell Westbrook, James Harden or even sideline sartorial disaster Craig Sager.

It's Mike Woodson. 

If you are wondering what he looks like, just look around for the best shirt around, because his face will be on it. 

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