Why Is William Regal Not Wrestling on WWE TV?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Even though he is 44, not utilizing William Regal in WWE rings is a waste of talent.

The former Intercontinental champ and King of the Ring has recently been asked to do commentary for FCW (now NXT) but not to showcase his elite wrestling skills nearly enough.

If you have an asset that is nearing its expiration date, you had better put it to use right away.

Before Regal's mileage gets too high, before he hits 50, WWE needs to throw him in the ring more. Regal can teach WWE's young stars on the job while elevating the quality of any Raw, Main Event or SmackDown he is on.


Training Days

During Sheamus and Big Show's rivalry at the end of 2012, Regal got a few chance to show what he's still capable of.

Watch how Regal gives the match a realistic feel. From the crispness of his moves to the palpable intensity he exudes, he makes WWE matches that are an ideal combination of sports and theater.

You can't blame WWE for wanting to get its next generation of wrestlers exposure, but Regal's presence doesn't hamper their progression, it enhances it. What better way to improve than to mix it up with an elite talent?

A match with Regal would be a valuable internship for a guy like Bo Dallas.

A ring general with as much experience as Regal shows a young, athletic wrestler how to harness his physical gifts and how to turn the wrestling ring into a stage.

Battling against the best makes one better. Alex Riley, Jinder Mahal or Yoshi Tatsu would all benefit from a tussle or two with Regal.

TNA's Samoe Joe certainly believes that Regal has wisdom worthy of soaking in.


Dependably Excellent

Aside from their education value, Regal's matches are valuable because they're simply entertaining.

Antonio Cesaro's United States title reign would benefit from defeating a wily veteran like Regal. Those two would no doubt put on a show-stealing throwback match, if given the opportunity.

Monday's Raw featured three movie trailers and a Great Khali match. Surely there is somewhere there to shave off some time to make room for another quality match.

Regal is not a headliner or a megastar, but WWE's shows need substantive matches put on by workhorses. Lovely drapes and tasteful paintings are important, but a house needs a foundation. Regal can be a solid part of that foundation.

Eventually, it will be too late for Regal to perform at a high level, and the matches and in-ring magic fans missed out on will have us wondering what WWE did with Raw's three hours every week.

It is when opportunities are missed that regret makes us sick.