NBA "One and Done Basketball Playoffs": Keys to Winning

len laberCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

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Whether you are a fantasy basketball nut or just a casual basketball fan, One and Done Basketball Playoffs on is a fun and easy way to play and get involved in the NBA Playoffs. There's no draft, no player pickups, or other time consuming transactions; you choose your own lineup of players each round of the postseason, but can only use a player once.

The Playoffs are the most exciting time of the NBA season. With this fantasy program, you can get into the games even if your favorite team has been eliminated or your fantasy regular season has ended.

Do you really want to win the One and Done Basketball Playoffs Challenge and take home an Apple iPod Shuffle (or $100 cash) or Apple I-Phone (or $300)?

If this is your first time playing fantasy, be aware of the following game rules and keep these strategies in mind. Sign up before April 18 and good luck!



Each series in the NBA postseason is its own "round" in the game (round one = Conference Quarterfinals, round two = Conference Semifinals, round three = Conference Finals, and round four = NBA finals). Each round, you choose your own lineup of any actual players from any of the Playoff teams still remaining, but you can only use a player once.  

If you're playing the free version to win $100, there are no limits on players per position, but if you're playing the advanced mode to win $300, there are roster by-position requirements.

You earn fantasy points based on your player’s real-world stats, so the more points a player scores in a round for you, the better. The owner in the league with the most total fantasy points at the end of the Playoffs wins.



The big thing to keep in mind with the default scoring is that point scored is the most valuable stat category. Refer to the table below:

 Stat Categories

Default Point Values

Points Scored
3 Point FGs



Research has all the info you need to be prepared to choose your roster. You'll want to check up on the following:

  • Cheat Sheet: Review the cheat sheet posted under "Articles and Links" on the homepage for a one-page summary of all the top fantasy scorers.
  • Injuries: Make sure no one you’re thinking of picking has a serious injury by checking the injury report, as getting zero points from a player would doom your chances of winning.



  • Points Matter: At the end of the day, you need players who will stuff the box scores for you. Look to choose the top scorers on a team instead of a bench player.
  • The More Games Played, the Better: Keep in mind that you keep collecting points from a player in a round as long as the series he is involved in is still going. Therefore, playing a potential seven-game series is preferred to a series that is likely to end in a four-game sweep.
  • Give Yourself the Biggest Player Pool: Every round, you should be thinking of which teams have a best chance of making it a competitive series but will end up losing anyway. By choosing wisely, you can have the largest pool of players to choose from in the later rounds and may have access to a player that no other owner does in the later rounds.
  • Know When to Use the Studs: There are certain names (such as Lebron James and Kobe Bryant) that everyone knows will put up big stats. Should you use them right away in round one to guarantee big points, or should youroll the dice and wait to hopefully use them in the NBA finals? This is the hardest decision to make and the key strategy element of "One and Done."


Final Words

Playing "One and Done Basketball Playoffs" is not only about winning cash or prizes and ridiculing your friends when you win; it's about making the basketball postseason more enjoyable for you to watch.

There is nothing like watching a game on TV and shouting for your guy to hit every shot he takes. Invite all your friends to play, as there is an unlimited number of teams per league.

Have fun and good luck!