Rumors of Split Between Johnny Manziel and Model Girlfriend Sarah Savage Abound

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2013

Photo Credit: Sarah Savage Instagram
Photo Credit: Sarah Savage Instagram

We may have to revise just one aspect of the remarkable life that is being lived by Johnny Football, because the Heisman winner may have just split with his model girlfriend, Sarah Savage. 

Busted Coverage sleuthed their way onto some interesting developments in the realm of things that are otherwise excellent. It seems Johnny Manziel may be flying solo after a remarkable freshman year. 

Update: Thursday, February 28, 2:40 p.m. ET 

Via Busted Coverage, the world is still completely rosy for Johnny Football. Sarah Savage took to Twitter to quell all your worries. 


---End of Update

According to their report, all signs point to Manziel breaking up with the lovely lady who joined him at the Heisman award ceremony. 

It all starts with this Instagram photo from Allison Walton with a line that states, "My dad & Johnny Manziel's ex girlfriend Sarah @sarahsavage13."

Within the comments section of this particular post, Walton continues with, "I asked if she approved and my dad said they were having problems. Lol@mesmall he's a fool!"

So times may be rocky for the college football power couple. 

Busted Coverage is not content to stop there, because they found a rather interesting tweet they spotted from Nathan Fitch, a man they label Manziel's best friend. 

As noted in the report, the term thirsty might refer to someone looking for attention. So we understand that Savage, for her part, was not going to stand by and not answer back to the tweet. 

She posted this tweet, expressing disapproval. 

Consider that she posted the following Instagram photo with the line, "Date night with the boo @jmanziel2" on February 22, and you can see how recently the rumored split may have taken place. 

As a reminder, Savage recently posted a bikini picture of herself that spawned something of a silly debate on star power between the model and Katherine Webb. 

A Yahoo! Sports story covered that particular picture on February 22. There is no way of telling if the hype caused a rift between Manziel and his girlfriend, or if this much ado about reading too much into social media exchanges. 

The only thing I can say with certainty and confidence is it is still wonderful to be Johnny Football, with or without Sarah Savage. 


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