Breaking Down Seattle Sounders' New 2013 Kits

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IFebruary 27, 2013

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The Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer have unveiled their new uniforms for the 2013 season and we'll help break down the positives and negatives of them.

Here's the official announcement of the unveiling of these new uniforms made by Adidas, courtesy of the Sounders' Twitter page:

And here it is...the new Sounders home kit brought to you by adidasus! More here:

Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) February 28, 2013

Now, let's take a look at the different styles of the home, away and goalkeepers versions of the uniform, as modeled by the team's players, also per the Sounders' Twitter feed:

Here we have @eddie_johnson7, @brad_evans3, @mgspurning, mdr7 and @stevezakuani11 in the new kits!

— Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC) February 28, 2013

Let's break it down piece by piece. Of course, you can see the home and away jerseys for yourself by visiting the Sounders' official website.


Home Uniform

The Sounders didn't do too much change to their home version of the uniform, but a few additions have been made. You can view the uniform here, courtesy of the Sounders' Instagram page.

A rave green theme remains constant in the shirt, but the blue stripe going down the side has been made a bit thicker this time around. It appears the Sounders did away with the whitish striping on the front of the jersey, which really didn't go with the color scheme in the first place.

I will say that I like the addition of the Space Needle on the pectoral area that extends to the bottom of the shirt, which is obviously the most notable symbol of Seattle and is done in a creative fashion.

That thicker blue line going down the side takes us to the shorts and blends together beautifully. The bottoms also feature the player's number at the bottom and the three Adidas stripes on the side match the color of the jersey. Underneath that is a rave green stripe that takes us to the socks.

The socks are nicely done and match perfectly with the rest of the uniform. I particularly like the inclusion of three blue Adidas stripes on the bottom in order to keep the blue-green color scheme going throughout.

I'm not in love with rave green, but the home uniform matches perfectly throughout and the Space Needle looks pretty cool.


Grade: B+


Away Uniform

The color scheme on the away uniform is much more likable in my eyes, now if only the Sounders could play all of their games on the road. You can get a view of these uniforms here, courtesy of the Sounders' official site.

The dominant color in this uniform is a dark green hue and it's far more appealing than the rave green of the home version. However, Seattle does a great job of incorporating the home colors as two faded stripes colored rave green and blue run from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt.

That same bright-green color is featured in the Adidas stripes that go from the neck, down the arm, to the wrist of the long sleeve top.

The shorts continue the dark green theme and feature the three Adidas stripes on the side in bright green. Like the home shorts, the player's numbers are once again on the side near the bottom of the shorts.

Seattle remained the same from top to bottom as the socks match the dominant color in the top and bottom, and three rave green Adidas stripes run on the side of the calf.

As I mentioned earlier, I love the dark green version of this jersey. It does a great job including the home colors as well and the Sounders did a great job matching throughout.


Grade: A+


Goalkeeper Uniform

For a look at this version of the Sounders' goalkeeper uniform, click here, courtesy of the Sounders' Instagram page.

The dominant color on the top is white, but there is a thick black stripe on the shoulder that helps the three white Adidas stripes really stand out. The black is a nice addition to the jersey as it is necessary to offset the white a bit.

The shorts continue the white theme, but again black is included in the three Adidas stripes on the side and in the number at the bottom of the shorts.

The socks are once again all white with some black trim on three white Adidas stripes at the top of the socks.

I would've liked to see a bit more black included in this jersey, but that doesn't erase the fact that the keeper version is a nice change from the last one and looks very classy. I'd hate to be the guy that has to wash these things after games, though.


Grade: A