Breaking Down LA Galaxy's New 2013 Kit

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2013

Photo Via @LAGalaxyInsider
Photo Via @LAGalaxyInsider

The Los Angeles Galaxy have won back-to-back MLS Cups, and now they have kits that denote their place atop the American soccer world.

In an introduction ceremony for the 2013 roster, the Galaxy introduced a brand new secondary kit that will be worn during the upcoming Major League Soccer season. The Galaxy's Twitter feed sent out a look at the players modeling their new digs at the event on Wednesday night:

Though the jersey remains mostly the same at first glance, there are a few noticeable changes in design from last year's model.

Most notably, if most Galaxy fans didn't know what a quasar was prior to Wednesday—don't worry, we had to Google it, too—they will become awfully familiar with the new kit. The quasar, which is a luminous galactic nucleus, plays a prominent role in the changes.

Showing up most noticeably at the left collarbone, the quasars in that area are meant to signify each of the Galaxy's four MLS Cups. There are three silver ones, for the Cups in 2002, 2005 and 2011, with a gold quasar placed atop the others to congratulate the Galaxy on their triumph last season.

In a statement released with the kit's unveiling, Adidas product manager pinpointed all the areas where the quasars show up unbeknownst to the initial glance (per MLS' official website): 

We're staying with the blue theme and we're really kind of focusing in on the quasar. We've got the embossed pattern of that quasar that kind of runs through their home primary on the sash, but now it's embossed on the away up on the right shoulder and also on the left hem.

While we may have gone with something most wouldn't have to look up in an astrological dictionary, the quasar works beautifully with this kit. The design is both respectful to the Galaxy's intergalactic nickname and serves a purpose in honoring the past championships. It also helps that the silver and gold provide a nice contrast to what was a relatively ordinary kit design in 2012.

Paying homage seemed to be a pretty big point of emphasis for Adidas' kit design team. Not only is the Galaxy franchise honored with the new digs, their fans and city also both get a notable place on the jersey. 

On a standout jock tag, the phrase "This Is LA" is transcribed in bold lettering. That is meant to honor the city of Los Angeles and the fans, who oftentimes chant that particular phrase when cheering on from the stands. 

Again, jerseys are as much for fans as players. To honor fans while not outwardly pandering—the Galaxy also use the "This Is LA" phrase quite regularly—is a smart move. It allows those in attendance to feel like a real part of the team. 

The only other major changes of note are an alteration of the number design and that the three stripes down the sleeve are now printed. The stripes are the same design and color, so that's ultimately only worth minor note—especially for fans, who are unlikely to notice much of a difference.

As for the numbering, it's just fine. No one is going to write in their diary about it on Wednesday night, but it's by no means ugly. 

Overall, the Galaxy had one of the MLS' best kits prior to the changes, and this secondary look is a thing to behold. The designers did a wonderful job of staying true to the past while incorporating new innovation, so it's very hard to find anything wrong with this look. 

Overall Score: 9.5/10

(Note: All photos in this article are provided by the Twitter feeds of the Los Angeles Galaxy and team insider Adam Serrano.)