Adidas Releases New Uniforms for 6 Elite College Teams

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2013


While Nike and Under Armour are emerging as the top brands when it comes to gridiron fashion, Adidas remains a major player in the industry, continuing to push the envelope on the hardwood.

On Thursday, the company unveiled six new uniforms for some of the most notable college basketball programs in the country. Baylor, Cincinnati, Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame and UCLA will all wear their new adiZero threads during this year's postseason, according to the official Adidas website.

Adidas received a wide range of reaction to their Golden State Warriors' short-sleeved jerseys, and is sure to garner mixed reviews with its creative effort on the college side. 

At first glance, the color stands out above all. The color schemes of the uniforms are all unique to their individual school, which is a huge plus. You can complain about the look, but you can't argue that you would mistake any one of these teams for another squad (maybe with the exception of Notre Dame). 

While the jerseys are a little more reserved in terms of design and pattern (Baylor, Louisville and UCLA will wear sleeves), the shorts are eye-catching to say the least. The camouflage pattern adds a unique effect, making the entire uniform pop as if it's about to jump off your television screen.

Like with any edgy design, Adidas took a major risk going with this bold style. The bright colors and dazzling patterns will definitely bother some hoops fans, but will no doubt sit well with others.


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