ECW Original Interview: WWF/WWE, WCW, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and More

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On Feb. 27, 2013, I had the pleasure of speaking with former ECW original Jason Knight on my wrestling radio show, “Oh You Didn’t Know!?” on Radio to discuss his early run in WWF, ECW, thoughts on the current product, Paul Heyman and more.

My cohost John “JCD” Dimiceli asked Jason Knight about his different role in wrestling that is being a wrestler vs. being a manager. Knight explained that he did not enjoy being a manager at all, as it was just not very fun for him.

One of the first questions I asked Jason Knight was to discuss his experience as a WWF Superstar in the early 1990s.

WWF was doing some shows, they needed some guys in Canada and they were going to hire me to come in and do the enhancement action on TV, so that aspect I can tell you WWF was not as much fun as WCW because WCW was a lot more oil to their steady job guys and they would give you a lot more. I found the guys in WWF were not as professional when it came to that, they just wanted to get themselves over and beat you down. The psychology was a lot different because in the business it's always who did you beat? You can have your handicap matches with 12 other guys and beating them down and all that and are you really putting yourself over as being strong or are you just beating a bunch of jabronis? And it looks fake…so how was it? It was a really good way to travel and make money and meet some good people, a lot of good people and some scumbags along the way, and to me it was always a matter of opening my eyes, stepping back and looking at the big picture because I wanted to learn the business…and quite frankly, it was an education that was being paid for...


Jason Knight would leave WWF and go on to find success and pleasure in WCW and even more so in ECW. However, as we all know, ECW did not survive as Paul Heyman filed for bankruptcy in April 2001.  WWE would eventually re-launch ECW as its own brand within the company and Jason Knight made some appearances during these ECW reunions. He had much to say about that experience.


That was horrible; I mean it was absolutely horrible. I think one was in 2005…I saw everything was going down the toilet and the first show I remember Vince McMahon did the pep talk and he was just lying through his teeth about how he was going to take care of us. He almost had a little chin quiver and tear coming out of his eye because he is very good at that and I knew he was going to take a squat on the whole thing because it was something other guys worked for and nearly got killed for several times. Many of us did pay the price for ECW for what it became and he took it and just completely destroyed it, and I knew it was coming.


Anyone who follows Jason Knight on Facebook knows that he does not hesistate to speak his mind on the current WWE product. As a friend of Knight’s on Facebook, I asked him to explain a little bit about WWE today.


The storylines are horrible, most of the guys who can really work well are horrible interviewers. They’re fake when they open their mouths to say something. A lot of the young guys look alike and work alike they all wear the same friggin’ gear its like you see one cookie cutter machine keeps adding more and more of the same cookies and it’s the same's really horrible and we’re talking some really talented people out there that I don’t know what these writers are doing but what the (expletive) you need writers for in a professional wrestling business? Hire Harley Race or Terry Funk and guys like that. Not some idiot who wrote for a sitcom that failed anyway. You take talented people such as Paul Heyman and CM Punk and it's all horrible, the whole thing.


Jason Knight had the pleasure of working with Paul Heyman in the 1990s while with ECW so it was interesting to hear what he had to say about Heyman. Although he is still a huge fan of Heyman’s, he has trouble understanding how Heyman could be enjoying his job.


He was the most talented guy in the business and I can’t possibly believe he likes what he’s doing because it has nothing to do with professional wrestling or a wrestling match…


Jason Knight continues to perform on the independent scene and will be headlining an upcoming show in Paterson, N.J. The show is hosted by World Wrestling Organization, and Knight will be in the World Title match on Friday, April 26. The show will also be my wrestling commentary debut, as Oh You Didn’t Know Radio will air a live podcast from the event.

You can listen to the full interview and podcast by clicking here. (some language NSFW)

Tune in this upcoming Wednesday when Oh You Didn’t Know Radio speaks with Ring of Honor TV Champion Adam Cole.


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