Watch Ty Lawson Drill Fearless Game-Winner as Nuggets Take Down OKC

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMarch 2, 2013

Ty Lawson buried a long jumper as time expired to give the Denver Nuggets a thrilling 105-103 victory over the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night, and he clearly enjoyed every bit of it.

After calmly working the clock down against a premier defender in Thabo Sefolosha, Lawson gave a little shimmy, stepped back and elevated from just inside the three-point line. The shot went down as the horn sounded, and the Nuggets point guard promptly earned himself a new nickname.

Law won.

— Tom Haberstroh (@tomhaberstroh) March 2, 2013

The game had been a seesaw affair, particularly over the final few minutes. Wilson Chandler scored the last of his 35 points on a jumper that put the Nuggets ahead with less than a minute remaining. But Kevin Durant promptly tied things up with a short jumper of his own at the 17-second mark.

And then Lawson did his thing. Apparently, he wasn't interested in allowing the back-and-forth contest to go on any longer than it had to.

Ty Lawson. Not a fan of overtime basketball.

— ESPN (@espn) March 2, 2013

In knocking down his biggest bucket of the season, the UNC product finally gave credence to everyone who figured he'd make the leap this year. Don't be mistaken: It hasn't been a banner season for Lawson by any stretch. But this shot proves he's a capable closer, which is something the Nuggets need.

The decisive shot was nice, but the celebration might have been better. Employing some kind of weird combination of the "Bernie Lean," popularized by the Oakland A's last year, and the ubiquitous Harlem Shake, Lawson showed off his moves almost immediately after the ball went through the net.

A huge win on a big shot deserved a solid dance performance. Lawson delivered all three.