What Eli Manning and the Giants Need in the Draft to Return to the Super Bowl

Lace BanachekAnalyst IApril 12, 2009

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 05:  Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg (L-R), Michael Strahan and Eli Manning of the New York Giants ride in a float along Broadway, also known as 'The Canyon of Heroes' during Super Bowl XLII victory parade in New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Draft day is two weeks away, and the New York Giants have come to a resolution regarding Plaxico Burress: He’s been released. No doubt Giant fans will miss Plax, as he is a gifted receiver.

However, there are more gifted receivers in the coming draft, or among potential trades, etc. Furthermore, the Giants have many needs, but if they are to get back to the Super Bowl, they will have to rekindle the fire within.

The Giants know what that fire is because when they won the Super Bowl, it was there. Anybody who knows football will attest to the fact that the Giants just could not be beaten then.

That is a far cry from the Giants of last year. For example, last year Eli would throw a bad pass, and if it were not caught, he would just shake his head as if he didn’t really throw a poorly thrown ball.

The hat size for Manning needs to get back to the NFL norm (a little inflated but not swollen). Eli apparently has had way too many post-Super Bowl commercials and not enough serious practice.

Yet Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in modern times, and the Giants most likely will not win big without him.

No, Eli is not a John Elway or a Joe Montana, but he is an incredible athlete, and when he gets his thing going (heart in the game), he pretty much is as hard to stop and is as good as anyone ever was.

What exactly would it take to rekindle Eli? Two things for sure: Manning needs some help on the line. When Eli Manning has time to throw the ball, he will get it to his maneasily.

So maybe a couple of picks from the potential “O-line” on draft day would ease that burden. If the Giants could get Michael Oher of Ole Miss, and maybe Max Unger from Oregon, those would be key picks.

Another Giant need is a quality wide receiver. If Hakeem Nicks is available, they could not ask for a better fit, and the rest of the draft would be gravy.

According to Scout.com, Nicks has great hands and comes back for the ball consistently. Since Eli has shown a tendency to underthrow, having a receiver with the knack to come back for the ball is a valuable asset.

The Giants also need another running back. A back that would mold in nicely with New York would be Donald Brown from Connecticut or Ian Johnson from Boise State.

The nice thing about Ian is that he can catch the ball and is plenty fast. Either of those backs could be around when the Giants pick in the third round. However, I doubt the forth round will be so kind.

The Giants are a solid team with some very quality athletes. They can win the Super Bowleven this coming season—but they must get that attitude back as a team.

The Giants have great potential going into April 25 and 26 (draft day). If they do well at the draft and get serious about being the best, Giant fans may very well be celebrating another championship season.