Brock Lesnar: Feud with Triple H Setting Up for Epic WrestleMania 29 Match

Mike Moraitis@@michaelmoraitisAnalyst IMarch 2, 2013

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Brock Lesnar and Triple H had a bloody exchange on Monday Night Raw and it has now set up for an epic showdown at WrestleMania 29 between two of the company's biggest stars.

It had been speculated for a while now that Lesnar and Triple H would meet at the marquee event of the WWE year, but until last Monday, nothing was certain. Now, after Lesnar made his way to the ring during a Vince McMahon-Paul Heyman fight, the feud officially began.

Triple H came out to save McMahon and that set off a battle in and around the ring that led to Lesnar leaving in a bloodied state that will no doubt seal the deal that these two are set for a rematch after meeting at SummerSlam last year.

This match could be a memorable affair for several reasons.

First off, Lesnar and Triple H are two of the biggest names in the WWE today and both have made a name for themselves that will forever etch them into the history of the company. It's only fitting that these veterans meet at WrestleMania for what could be the last time.

More specifically, Triple H's days in wrestling could be numbered. Other than a showdown with the Undertaker at Mania, I could see no better way for him to spend his potential last days than feuding with a star of equal popularity like Lesnar.

Adding fuel to the fire, Triple H beat Lesnar down bad and made him bleed on Raw, so there's a good chance The Next Big Thing will look to pay him back double. That should lead to some serious brutality when these two actually square off in April.

But what makes this feud even more interesting is the fact that you know McMahon will somehow be involved in all of this. After all, it's Lesnar who injured McMahon with an F-5 in January, so you know the boss will have some plans in store to try and screw Lesnar in one way, shape or form.

One of the only things that remains to be seen is what kind of match Lesnar and Triple H will partake in. This rivalry is far too good for just a normal match, so let's hope the WWE answers with something like a Hell in a Cell to further advance the excitement.

Some fans might have groaned at the thought of this rematch, but there are plenty of interesting elements involved that should make a Lesnar-Triple H match at Mania one to remember.