Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust Must Happen in 2013

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMarch 6, 2013

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Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust must happen this year.

Why should this match happen? Two main reasons include a classic story and a moment wrestling fans will remember for a long time.

Both Rhodes and Goldust are brothers, sons of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. The American Dream gave the WWE two good performers who can put on entertaining matches when needed.

Both have the charisma and wrestling ability to carry feuds. They both have feuded with some of the biggest names in wrestling today. Goldust feuded with Roddy Piper, which culminated in a WrestleMania 12 fight. He also flourished in the midcard during the Attitude Era and was even Sheamus’ first feud while both were in ECW.

Rhodes’ days in Randy Orton’s Legacy led to battles with some of the top-tier wrestling talent in the business today. He feuded with John Cena, D-Generation X and even Orton himself after the group went their separate ways. He even fought the Big Show and Booker T.

Both have a lot in common in their careers as former Intercontinental champions and as members of successful tag teams that won tag team gold. Rhodes formed Priceless with Ted Dibiase and Rhodes Scholars with Damien Sandow. Goldust formed an alliance with Booker T that won them gold in 2002.

Family lineage and accomplishments are the foundations of their story. Can you imagine the history behind the Rhodes brothers? The WWE could even involve Dusty Rhodes himself, if needed.

The second factor lies in the Royal Rumble they both appeared in during 2009. However, the reaction wasn’t as huge as their more recent encounter.

The 2013 Royal Rumble saw these two brothers duking it out, with Rhodes eliminating Goldust. Both even used their own versions of the “throat thrust uppercut.” The crowd in Phoenix erupted, and it showed that fans would be invested in this match.

It’s unlikely this match will happen at WrestleMania 29, as there have been no reports of this match coming to fruition. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen at all this year.

It’s still a great match to have on any card. Rhodes vs. Goldust at SummerSlam has a nice ring to it. Maybe Survivor Series could bring this match to light.

One thing’s for sure. Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes must happen this year. Make it happen, WWE.