Andrew Wiggins: Breaking Down Each Team's Pitch for Star Forward

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IMarch 4, 2013

Andrew Wiggins is kind of a big deal. 

While he may not have many leather-bound books and his apartment may not smell of rich mahogany—although, who knows?—the young Canadian superstar has just about everything going for him. 

After reclassifying to 2013, he became the No. 1 recruit in the land, even ahead of the guy Sports Illustrated called the best high school basketball player since LeBron James.

I guess that makes him the best high school basketball player since the best high school basketball player since LeBron? Whatever, he's really good. That's all you need to know.

He has an effortless athleticism that will leave you looking like this.

He has NBA small forward size (6'8", 190 lbs). He can light it up from range. He can score from anywhere on the court. If not for the NBA's eligibility restrictions, he would likely be this year's No.1 pick.

He probably has an infectious smile.

And he has a few prestigious programs vying for his services: Florida State, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina. 

(OK, every school in the nation—from Indiana to the Greendale Human Beings—vied for his services, but those are the final four on his list.)

So, what do you offer the prep star who already has everything (besides monetary benefits, you pessimists!)? Well, since you asked...


Florida State Seminoles

If this was the SAT and the question was which of Wiggins' four prospective schools don't belong, the answer would undoubtedly be Florida State.

Nevertheless, the Seminoles are in arguably the best position to land the 18-year-old stud. 

At least if mom and dad have anything to say about it. 

Mitchell Wiggins, a former NBA shooting guard, and Marita Payne-Wiggins, a former Olympic sprinter, both attended FSU, and that has caused many to believe the Seminoles are in the pole position. 

Moreover, Wiggins can make potentially the biggest individual impact at Florida State. He is going to be a star no matter where he ends up, but even with the addition of Xavier Rathan-Mayes and Jarquez Smith, the Seminoles would surround Wiggins with the least amount of additional star power. 

With FSU, he could make a Kevin Durant-at-Texas type of record-breaking impact—and he wouldn't get grounded by his parents.



Kentucky Wildcats

The end game is the NBA, and it's an accepted fact that John Calipari prepares one-and-done players for the next level better than any other coach in America. 

Some people don't like Coach Cal's style, but the fact of the matter is that he has transformed Kentucky into somewhat of an NBA minor league, and high-profile kids are obviously drawn to that. There's a reason he continually brings in top-ranked classes and sends the most players to the NBA nearly every draft. 

Additionally, Wiggins would join Aaron and Andrew Harrison, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, James Young and Derek Willis to form arguably the best recruiting haul in history. He would be a part of what most believe will be the undisputed No. 1 team in America and main threat for the national title. 


Kansas Jayhawks

According to Rustin Todd of The Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, Wiggins is currently on his trip to Lawrence:

That's where the Jayhawks get you. 

Bill Self may not send players to the NBA at the same rate as John Calipari, but Kansas is a basketball school. Nay, a basketball state.

The prestige of the program, the allure of competing for a national championship every season and the idea of playing in the chill-inducing Allen Fieldhouse are often far too much for recruits to pass up. 

When Wiggins enters the Phog and sees a packed, frenzied crowd going wild for their Jayhawks in a fairly meaningless game against Texas Tech, he'll realize how special it is to play in Lawrence.

Being close to his brother Nick, who currently plays for Wichita State, couldn't hurt, either. 


North Carolina Tar Heels

The Heels' pitch is much like Kansas'. It's hard to pass up the opportunity to play for a historically rich school under the bright lights of the Dean Smith Center for one of the best coaches in America in Roy Williams. 

Adding to the intrigue, Wiggins will be on campus when UNC hosts Duke—only one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports that every kid dreams to be a part of.

When the Carolina students start chanting his name—assuming they get it right this time—during the game, that alone will be a very good selling point. 

Moreover, the Jabari Parker vs. Andrew Wiggins, Duke vs. North Carolina rivalry is just too good to not happen.


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