Vince McMahon: Why Match vs. Paul Heyman Needs to Happen Eventually

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2013

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When it was announced a couple weeks ago that Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman would engage in a fight on Raw, most fans already knew what was coming. Their encounter led to both Brock Lesnar and Triple H coming to the ring, and it helped kick off their WrestleMania feud.

There are many fans out there who would like to see McMahon vs. Heyman at some point, though, and the WWE ought to make it happen.

The history between McMahon and Heyman is well-documented, and it wouldn't be difficult to incorporate it into a storyline. Heyman's upstart ECW did battle with the WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars, and while it never reached the same level of prominence as its competitors, ECW carved out a sizable niche audience and performed well beyond its means.

McMahon and Heyman had an interesting relationship. At times, they even had a partnership of sorts. Vince gave Heyman and some of his talent the opportunity to "invade" Raw, and rumors persist today that Heyman steered some of his talent in the WWE's direction.

McMahon ultimately purchased ECW when it went bankrupt in 2001 and then proceeded to employ many former ECW talents. Heyman was among them, as he worked both as an on-screen personality and a backstage creative writer.  

Heyman brought a lot to the table, including superior mic skills that allowed him to excel as an announcer and as a mouthpiece for Lesnar. He also had plenty of fresh ideas and was largely responsible for what many fans consider to be the golden age of SmackDown.

Due to disagreements stemming from the WWE's revival of the ECW brand, Heyman parted ways with the company in 2006. He was distraught over the way the December to Dismember pay-per-view was handled, and he didn't feel as though his input was being taken into consideration.

The bad blood between McMahon and Heyman was so immense that Heyman didn't return to WWE programming for roughly five-and-a-half years.

If there is one thing that has always been true about McMahon, though, it's that he is more than willing to work with someone regardless of past differences. When Vince sees the opportunity to make money or to put forth a strong storyline, then he's going to do it, even if it means employing someone he doesn't always see eye to eye with.

That has been the case during Heyman's most recent run.

He returned with Lesnar last year and then proceeded to manage CM Punk when Lesnar took a leave of absence. Heyman and Lesnar seem to be a package deal, and that makes a ton of sense since Lesnar is very weak on the mic. Punk, on the other hand, certainly didn't need a manager, but there is absolutely no question that Heyman was able to add to his heel persona.

Now that Lesnar is tied up with Triple H and Punk figures to feud with The Undertaker, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give Heyman his own agenda. He can continue to support Lesnar through WrestleMania, but it's tough to say what Heyman will do afterwards. The WWE has moved away from his partnership with Punk, and there is obviously a good chance that Lesnar will disappear for a while after 'Mania.

If that is the case, then I don't want Heyman to disappear as well. He is too great of an asset to the product, and he thrives in essentially every role possible. If Lesnar loses at WrestleMania to Triple H as I expect him to, Heyman will be without any obvious direction. Perhaps the WWE can capitalize on that by continuing his feud with McMahon.

I'm obviously not certain what McMahon's medical status is right now, but if he is healthy by Extreme Rules, then a McMahon vs. Heyman match would be absolutely fantastic. The WWE helped keep things interesting following WrestleMania last year by committing to Extreme Rules and having Lesnar face John Cena.

If the WWE is without Lesnar for Extreme Rules this year, as well as Triple H, The Rock, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho and various other part-timers, then the creative team will have to figure something out in order to hold the fans' interest. A match between McMahon and Heyman definitely wouldn't garner a five-star rating by any means, but the build would be entertaining and the match itself would be fun.

McMahon has wrestled many times over the years. Even though he isn't really a trained wrestler and is limited in what he can do, he has had some awesome bouts with the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Shane McMahon, Ric Flair and countless others. If he faces Heyman at Extreme Rules, then it would allow for there to be an Extreme Rules stipulation of some kind added to the match.

Vince was about to fire Heyman many weeks ago after it was revealed that he paid off The Shield and Brad Maddox to help Punk retain the WWE Championship. McMahon was interrupted and attacked by Lesnar, however. My hope is that McMahon will give Heyman the opportunity to keep his job by facing him at Extreme Rules.

If Heyman were to win, then he would receive an iron-clad contract that would prevent him from being fired, much like Big Show. If Vince were to win, though, Heyman would be fired from the WWE for good. This would present a number of possibilities and would almost certainly lead to interference of some kind, as there would be no disqualification.

Most would probably expect Lesnar or Triple H to get involved, but the ideal situation would be The Shield attacking McMahon and aligning itself with Heyman officially. It is still unclear what the future holds for The Shield, so allowing Heyman to act as its manager officially would give the group some direction.

No matter how the WWE decides to book it, I'm sure most fans would love to see McMahon and Heyman wrestle in an actual match after it was teased last week. These two men have a lot of history, and their feud is absolutely rooted in reality. The WWE will need to think outside the box in order to garner interest for Extreme Rules, and this would definitely fit the bill.


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