Another Mom Ruins a Recruit's Plans?

Lisa HornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterMarch 4, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 11:  Members of the Tulane Green Wave take the field before playing the Ole Miss Rebels at the Louisiana Superdome on September 11, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Edward Williams is going to play football at Tulane, and he doesn't even like the school. 

No, really.

The 3-star linebacker out of New Orleans, La., told Pelican Preps that he "did not like it there" on February 21—"there" meaning Tulane. More from the Dallas Morning News:

“Right now things have been shaky, because my mother does not want me to go to Texas Tech,” Williams told “She has her reasons, but I still prefer to be in Lubbock. She really wants me to go to Tulane, but I do not like it there. So it has to be where I am happy.” 

“I am going to Texas Tech, I have my heart set on them. … I like everything about it. I can see myself playing there.”

Signing day came and went for Williams, and like a few other prospects, no horns were blown, no confetti thrown—all due to a parent not willing to sign some paperwork. Three weeks of drama and several news reports later, according to the Wave Report, Williams is now signed with Tulane, and he's okay with the whole saga coming to an end. More:

"It was a family decisionmy parents and grandparentsso everybody in the family had a big part of it," Williams said. "I'm very comfortable (with Tulane), very comfortable."

And Tulane now has a linebacker who has actually stated that he doesn't like the school. That must do wonders for the coaches' psyches.

Bizarre? Absolutely, because rarely do prospects actually state they dislike a school, even if they do. But Williams went ahead and told football nation he doesn't like Tulaneand then actually signed the paperwork to attend the school.

For what it's worth, Tulane was not even one of his top three choices as of signing day—Miami, Oregon State and Texas Tech were, according to Tiger Bait. All three of his top choices were out of state, which could be a coincidence or could be an indication he wanted to really leave the nest. 

According to NBC Sports, Mrs. Williams said that the choice of where her son would attend school was his. More:

“My son made the decision last night and we discussed it as a family”, said Mrs. Williams. “I always felt Tulane was the best option for my son, but he had to choose where he wanted to go. Him and his father (Edward Williams IV) went to Tulane and signed early this morning.”

“Tulane just made me feel more comfortable with what they have to offer academic-wise. Edward took notice to the same thing and he decided to stay home.”

But hadn't he already decided? On February 21, two weeks after signing day had passed, he said he wanted to go to Texas Tech but he couldn't get a parent to sign his letter of intent, which oddly enough isn't even required for a student-athlete to attend a school. 

Should a kid's college of choice be a "family decision"?   

It's wonderful that Edward's family is so important to him that he listened to their opinions, but they're not the ones lugging books to the school—Edward is. And while they may feel comfortable there, shouldn't his admission that he doesn't like the school have some bearing? 

Williams probably had February 6 circled in red on his calendar. That was his day to be in front of the cameras and revel in his excitement over going to Texas Tech. The interviews, the publicity and the chance to perform the hat pick—or whatever creative way he had planned to pick his school—were probably on his agenda.

Instead, Edward Williams' day was ruined. He wasn't the only one whose day was ruined.  

Let's hope that this was just a case of one day of Edward Williams' life ruined—as opposed to the next four years.