Johnny Manziel Mulling 2014 NFL Draft

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMarch 4, 2013

We may be witnessing the last of Johnny Manziel in Texas A&M once the upcoming college football season comes to an end. Apparently, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and college football icon is already looking ahead to a career at the next level.

In an interview with ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, Manziel said that it has always been a dream to play in the NFL and that he isn't ruling out leaving College Station early to fulfill that goal:

"You never know how things might play out. If an opportunity comes to go to the NFL, you have to look at that just like you have to look at everything," he said.

"For me, the NFL is the thing that's always been, kind of somewhat like the Heisman, it's been a dream as a kid to be able to have an opportunity to even be talked about being able to play in the NFL," he said. "For me I'm enjoying my time here for sure and if that comes calling, just like anybody else, the decision will have to be made."

For Aggies fans, the upcoming season won't be the same knowing that their star quarterback could be playing his last game in Maroon and White.

Manziel became the first freshman Heisman Trophy winner in college football history back in December and has emerged as the sport's most popular player in recent memory. The explosive signal-caller brings a sandlot style of play to the gridiron, pairing incredible agility with a rocket arm. 

One season of success doesn't necessarily mean the NFL is right around the corner, but the young man is right to keep his options open. If his draft stock continues to rise, he would be foolish not to entertain the idea of making the jump.

That said, scouts like Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller are far from decided on how his game will translate to the professional ranks. 

Could Manziel ascend to NFL stardom as fast as he did in college? Will his gunslinger style allow him to be a reliable starter? 

There are a lot of questions that must be answered before the Texas A&M faithful really have to worry about their Heisman-winning quarterback skipping town. Still, those comments aren't going to go away anytime soon.

Everything this kid does is put under a microscope, and we will continue hearing about his NFL prospects until he goes pro. And if Manziel continues to play at the level we saw last season, he may test the waters sooner rather than later.