Former TNA Knockout Getting WWE Tryout Match?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 4, 2013

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Could a former TNA Knockout be getting a tryout match with WWE tonight?

A recent report (WrestlingInc via F4wonline) notes that there is talk that Thea Trinidad, known as "Rosita" during her TNA stint, is currently scheduled for a tryout in Buffalo, N.Y., where tonight's Raw show emanates from:

There is talk that former TNA Knockout Rosita (Thea Trinidad) may be in Buffalo for a tryout with WWE before tonight's RAW hits the air. Thea's contract with TNA expired earlier this year.

Hopefully, this report is accurate and WWE is considering signing Trinidad to a deal, because she could be a huge asset to the Divas Division.

Trinidad, who worked for TNA from 2011 to 2013, was underrated for much of her stint with America's No. 2 promotion.

Relegated to a mostly managerial role, she rarely got a chance to show off her better-than-average in-ring skills. This was too bad. Because aside from her wrestling skills, Trinidad also has an appealing  underdog charisma that TNA never tried to capitalize on. 

As PWInsider's Mike Johnson noted when reporting Trinidad's release back in January: "She's had star power written all over her since she was first on the independents in the Northeast."  

Helpfully, the 22-year-old has got a great look (she shares an almost spooky resemblance with WWE poster girl Trish Stratus) which should also serve in her favor when seeking a WWE contract. 

Hey, the company is well known for signing inexperienced models, but what about a girl who looks like a model and can wrestle too? Why wouldn't it want to sign her to a deal?

It remains to be seen if WWE can ever turn its Divas Division around and make it a credible midcard act once again. But certainly signing a talented woman like Trinidad would be a huge step in the right direction.