CM Punk Should Be Allowed to End The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMarch 5, 2013

CM Punk
CM Punk

This isn't a popular opinion.

In fact, this is such an unpopular opinion that a lot of people are going to want to make a comment after just reading the title of the article. This is definitely something that WWE fans do not want to see.

However, the right move for WWE is to let CM Punk beat Undertaker and end the highly publicized Wrestlemania winning streak.

Vince McMahon and company believe in running WWE as a business. If something can generate revenue and boost the numbers enough to encourage investors, then they're going to consider it.

After all, this is the man who has handed paychecks to both Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, two guys who were considered rivals for years. McMahon was able to put his personal feelings aside and brought them on board.

(Hiring Bischoff and Heyman was also a nice boost for his ego, but that's another article for another time.)

WWE has already capitalized on Undertaker's winning streak at Wrestlemania. There's a plethora of merchandise available that proves that point.

The streak isn't as valuable to WWE after Undertaker finally walks away. They might be able to produce another DVD or a couple of more shirts, but that's about where the potential for profit ends.

Punk ending the streak is something that WWE can capitalize on for a couple of more years.

First and foremost, the amount of heat that the Straight Edge Superstar could generate, both from the typical fans and the internet wrestling community, would be something near astronomical levels.

That type of heat is good for business. It makes people want to see Punk getting beat. If done right, it could also be used to help wrestlers gain support from the audience for going against him.

The ending of the streak has always been something that WWE has considered. However, they didn't want to pull the trigger until someone was worthy of that spot. If anyone has earned that distinction over the last couple of years, it's CM Punk.

It's not a bad thing to end the streak.


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