Brock Lesnar's Return Is Great for WWE

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistMarch 8, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Brock Lesnar returning is just what WWE needs.

While the Beast has only made limited TV appearances so far, his impact on the WWE Universe has already been felt, and his match with Triple H at WrestleMania is looking better as the pay-per-view gets closer.

His return will make WrestleMania and the Monday Night Raws leading up to it even better.

He has already proven what he is capable of, specifically when he was busted open on Raw.  He continued through his segment with Triple H as if nothing had happened, and he wasn't bleeding profusely from his head.

WWE also lacks a real monster heel, and with Lesnar back, WWE's heel problems are temporarily solved.

He's already managed to gain major heat after attacking Vince McMahon, and he helped make Triple H's return even bigger when he came out to save McMahon from getting attacked a second time.

Even though Lesnar is on a limited schedule, his return is great for the WWE.


WrestleMania Plans

Regardless of if you were a fan of the first clash between Lesnar and Triple H, a second match between the two at WrestleMania 29 only adds to the card.

Both put on a decent performance when Lesnar went down to the ring to attack McMahon a couple of weeks ago on Raw, but it was Lesnar, specifically, who showed why he is so vital to WWE.

After being busted open when he hit the ring pole, Lesnar continued to attack Triple H, even taking bumps to the back of the head where he was cut open.

Twelve staples later, Lesnar was backstage telling everyone that he was fine.

Lesnar is one of the tougher wrestlers on the roster, and if he was able to continue at a high level after suffering from a cut that needed 12 staples to close, what lengths will he go to at WrestleMania?

Sure, the cut to his head was a complete accident, but it shows how Lesnar can overcome a bad situation and still put on a fantastic show.

Triple H vs. Lesnar will be a huge match at WrestleMania, and it takes a wrestler like Lesnar to really bring out the best in The Game.

Their first match at SummerSlam was decent, but with Triple H claiming to be in great shape, expect their WrestleMania rematch to be even bigger.

Lesnar's return is great for the WWE because without him, WrestleMania would be lacking.


A Top Heel

Whenever Lesnar leaves WWE, something always feels like its missing.  Lesnar is a monster heel and is as a serious threat to anyone he goes up against.

So of course when he returns, it's great for WWE because it has a heel to use and place against its full-time talent, one that can help wrestlers get over, like how he somewhat helped John Cena at Extreme Rules last year.

Sure, Cena still isn't the most popular wrestler, but Lesnar was able to make him look good, and it was hard not to cheer just a little to see Cena overcome a monster.

It takes a while to make a solid heel in WWE and even longer to have them become a monster heel.

After trying to bring in wrestlers like Tensai, only to have them eventually fail and end up dancing in the ring in lingerie, Lesnar brings an instant solution with him when he returns.

He is a monster heel who doesn’t need buildup; one who can go against the best in WWE and put on solid matches.


No Limit

Lesnar is a wrestler who seemingly has no limit and can turn a regular situation into something much more.  As mentioned before, when he confronted Triple H and ended up bleeding from the back of his head, which was something not planned, he made their scuffle even more intense.

He did the same thing when he went up against Cena and busted Cena's lip open, making their fight on a Raw before Extreme Rules look even more real.

Brock may be a bit stiff, but he works hard and it shows in his matches.  We've only seen him in two ring brawls since he returned to WWE on a limited schedule, and no one really knows his limit.

How far will he go to put on a great match against Triple H at WrestleMania?

Even the idea of who to put Lesnar up against after he's done feuding with The Game seems limitless.  WWE could put him against any number of top talent, and it would be hard to predict how the matches would go or who would win.

He can make a feud with another wrestler in an instant and make it last until a pay-per-view showdown, just appearing now and then on Raw.

The WWE has a lot of different directions they can go with Lesnar, which only makes his return that much greater.

Michael Guadalupe is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @The_Guada.