WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for March 8

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IMarch 5, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The most recent WWE SmackDown taping took place on Tuesday night in Albany, N.Y. and featured some big names in action during the evening.

We got a great look at World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio's softer, more comical side at the expense of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter. Del Rio would take part in a match later on in the event.

Team Hell No was also in action a week after a tumultuous finish to their last SmackDown match.

Other notables such as Big Show, Ryback, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler made their way to the ring to show their stuff.

If you like surprises, don't read any further as we look at the spoilers for this week's SmackDown, per 411Mania.com


Alberto Del Rio Mocks Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter

The event kicked off with Swagger and Coulter making their way to the ring to talk some smack. They basically made the case that if people didn't agree with their point of view, those same people are the problem, not Coulter and Swagger.

Then we got a chance to see Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez actually show a pulse after the two are seen mocking Coulter and Swagger's YouTube videos backstage.


Team Hell No Defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre

This was a match that Team Hell No pretty much controlled throughout. Daniel Bryan went on to put Slater and McIntyre out of their misery by applying the No! Lock.


Backstage Segments

In an interview with Matt Striker, Dolph Ziggler announced he plans on making history this evening and proceeded  to make out with AJ.

Ryback was then seen walking down the hall and had a bit of a staredown with Mark Henry, although it ended without incident or words. Afterward, Damien Sandow, who is scheduled to fight Ryback, let us know that Darwin's Theory of Evolution forgot his counterpart.


Ryback Defeated Damien Sandow

Sandow did a good amount of damage to Ryback in this match by mounting some offense, but Ryback was able to recover nicely to win the match by way of Shellshock.


Striker Interview with Big Show

Striker got another interview, this time with Big Show. Striker wanted to know what the big man thought about what happened after Monday Night Raw. Big Show said he blamed Orton and Sheamus and his answer to them was his fist.


Fandango Teaser

Once again, we learned that Fandango would not be making his debut tonight, but don't book anything just yet.


Alberto Del Rio Defeated Dolph Ziggler

This was a very evenly fought match between Del Rio and Ziggler, but the World Heavyweight champ would finish it off with a Cross Armbreaker.

Ringside, Rodriguez dumped a bucket of water on AJ, and she and Langston were sent to the back afterward. We then got a shot of AJ backstage exchanging insults with Bryan.

One-half of Team Hell No told AJ that she looks like a wet puppy. AJ then responded by telling Bryan she is with the future world champion now and added insult to injury by pointing out Bryan's 18-second title reign. Bryant then dissed Ziggler by saying AJ should be used to 18 seconds while being with him. Ouch!


Mark Henry Defeated Yoshi Tatsu

After some back-and-forth action, Henry finished this matchup against Tatsu by landing the World's Strongest Slam.


Backstage Interview with Sheamus

Striker was able to get a hold of Sheamus to tell him that Big Show blamed him and Orton for The Shield's attack on Raw. Sheamus went on to threaten to kick the Big Show's head off later on.


Tamina Snuka Defeated Kaitlyn

This was a non-title match between the ladies and it was Snuka who came out the winner after landing the always-devastating Samoan drop.

After the match, the Rhodes Scholars were seen watching a monitor and Rhodes asked Sandow what he thought of Kaitlyn. Sandow replied with a pretty funny line about how Kaitlyn does her best despite being a product of an inferior gene pool.


Fandango Debut

Yes, you guessed it, Fandango did not debut again. This time, Fandango didn't like the way Lilian Garcia introduced him, so he refused to fight Justin Gabriel as a result. Yawn.

Backstage, Teddy Long was seen trying to teach Booker T how to say Fandango properly.


Sheamus vs. Big Show

Just like last week's SmackDown, the final match of the night ends in a no contest thanks to The Shield. Orton ended up saving his buddy and the faces cleared the ring together in what will likely be the end of the show.

However, after the taping was over, The Shield came back to beat up Orton and Sheamus, which prompted Ryback to return to the ring and make the save. A six-man tag match took place with Ryback evening the score, but the match ended with a disqualification after Roman Reigns brought a chair into the ring.

Each face finished the night off by landing their signature moves and that was it for the taping.