Does Von Miller's Super Bowl Prediction Hurt or Help the Denver Broncos?

Zach Kruse@@zachkruse2Senior Analyst IMarch 6, 2013

December 30, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller (58) celebrates as he walks off the field after the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  The Broncos won 38-3.  Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Misused confidence can occasionally be a detriment to a professional sports team (see: New York Jets), but in the case of Von Miller and his Super Bowl prediction for the Denver Broncos, such an idea does not apply. 

The All-Pro linebacker confidently proclaimed over his official Twitter account Tuesday that the Broncos "will win the Super Bowl" in 2013. (Although, technically, that's impossible. Next season's Super Bowl will be played in 2014.)

Miller then defended his comments to USA Today Wednesday.

If you go down and ask anybody in the National Football League or any professional team and ask any guy 'Do you think you're going to win a championship this year?' I don't think you're going to have one guy stand up and say they're not. We're getting the same nucleus of guys we had last year, the same coaching staff. I don't see why we can't make a Super Bowl run. I'm committed and I've got a certain level of motivation. I'm sure if you go in our locker room you'd find the same.

Miller also told USA Today that the guarantee was spawned by a recent car accident that involved two of his cousins, one of which (Jeremiah) remains in critical condition. 

Jeremiah is having a tough time right now – he's just coming out of a coma and they're trying to get him to remember stuff. For him to remember that he had a cousin who played for the Denver Broncos and remember my name, that puts a lot of stuff in perspective. That was my motivation.

Clearly, this is a rare case in which an otherwise ridiculous proclamation is actually sincere.  

Guarantees are made every year by players in every sport, but rarely is a guarantee turned into reality. Most get a laugh and are forgotten about. 

Miller's guarantee wasn't made out of cockiness or spite for his opponents. Obviously dealing with a difficult time inside his own family, Miller used social media as a platform to support and embrace his ailing cousin. 

And it's not as if Miller's guarantee is completely out of left field.

The Broncos finished 13-3 and won the AFC West last season. Peyton Manning was a legitimate MVP candidate after throwing for 4,637 yards and 37 touchdowns, and Miller set a new franchise record with 18.5 sacks. 

The red-hot Baltimore Ravens bounced the Broncos from the postseason in the divisional round, but it took a miracle heave from eventual Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to accomplish that task. 

A few breaks here or there, and there's no question that the Broncos are capable of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy next February. 

Will Miller's March tweet have any impact on that happening or not? No. Absolutely not.  

His words were genuinely sincere, had nothing to do with disrespecting an opponent and are likely to be mostly forgotten by next week.

In summary, don't expect NFL teams to be hanging a version of Miller's tweet in the locker room for motivation.

There will be no more or no less pressure on the Broncos winning a Super Bowl next season than if Miller hadn't made his prediction.