Will LSU or Alabama Sway 4-Star QB DeShone Kizer Away from Original Top 3?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMarch 6, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide have drastically changed the recruitment of 4-star quarterback DeShone Kizer.

Kizer had a top three of Michigan State, North Carolina and Northwestern, according to Jared Shanker of ESPN.com, but that all went up in the air when he received two big-time SEC offers:

“We almost prepared to maybe commit to a school,” Kizer said. “We laid out a few schools and compared and planned on making a decision in two or three weeks. 

“Then this door opened and changed a lot of things."

Kizer will now reevaluate his options, per Shankers report:

Kizer had a top three of Michigan State, North Carolina and Northwestern before the Alabama and LSU offers. He said he won’t just adjust his leaderboard to create a new top five, instead just reassessing his entire recruitment. He will still visit the Tar Heels this weekend, though. 

“I’d say I’ll reevaluate things altogether,” Kizer said. “There’s going to be a few more schools to offer in the next month or two. I’ve had a lot of conversations with UCLA and Stanford, and I’m going to [Los Angeles] in the spring and maybe visit UCLA and go up to Stanford. 

“Once that happens, I’ll try to make a solid top five before a decision.”

That right there is the difference that LSU or Alabama can make on the recruiting trail, folks. If you've ever questioned either program's recruiting draw or prestige, this story should really clear things up.

Alabama can basically pitch itself, and Nick Saban has the Crimson Tide poised to compete for national championships for years to come. Saban has legitimately built a modern-day college football dynasty, and any quarterback would be lucky to be a part of the Crimson Tide legacy.

LSU, on the other hand, has shown flashes of dominance in the past few years, and Les Miles is almost the "anti-Saban" in regards to personality. He draws in his fair share of recruits, and the Tigers have a ton to offer. They've been known for aggressive defense and a strong power-running game, which is always a quarterback's best friend. There are only a few programs that can compete both on the field and on the recruiting trail with Alabama, and LSU is one of them.

The passing game is somewhat of an afterthought when thinking about LSU, but with the right quarterback, the Tigers have the potential to be extremely effective through the air.

If you have the chance to play at either LSU or Alabama, you take it, so it's rather obvious that Kizer is making the right move. 

He's ranked as the No. 9 dual-threat quarterback in the 2014 class, according to the 247Sports composite rankings, and he checks in at 6'5'', 207 pounds. Neither program runs an offense that features a ton of quarterback movement out of the pocket, but it's never a bad skill to have at the college level.

When it comes to making it at LSU or Alabama, a recruit has to be able to set himself apart. Kizer's ability to move, be an athlete and be effective in open space could be that separating factor. He does also possess a strong arm and good accuracy, though, so don't count him out in the pocket either.

Kizer is a recruit with a ton of upside and potential, and he looks like he can bring a lot to the table at the college level. 

Both Alabama and LSU have obviously taken notice, and Kizer has taken notice of them. Also, keep an eye out for UCLA and Stanford.

That's bad news for Michigan State, North Carolina and Northwestern, because I wouldn't be surprised to see the top of his interest list change in a hurry—mostly because the Crimson Tide and Tigers have entered the race.