Should the Detroit Lions Acquire Darrelle Revis?

Joe UnderhillCorrespondent IIIMarch 7, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 18:  Brent Celek #87 of the Philadelphia Eagles scores a touchdown after catching a pass while being tackled by Brodney Pool #22 and Darrelle Revis #24 of the New York Jets during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field on December 18, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have a high-draft pick and lots of positions they need to address. One of the major areas is that they have cornerbacks with injuries, free agency and inexperience decimating the position. 

It is possible the Lions could decide to draft CB Dee Milliner with the fifth overall pick, however a dominant pass rusher is of greater need.

How else do you improve the secondary? Through trades.

One such possibility is the Detroit Lions and New York Jets finding common ground to send Darrelle Revis to the Lions. Jason La Confora of CBS Sports speculates that this could be a possibility.

The Lions would then be a position to decide whether to re-sign Chris Houston or allow him to pursue free agency, and that give them some cushion to develop some of their CBs. The Jets are in full rebuild mode—even though they won't admit it—and need draft picks to build their roster. 

The Lions could swap first round picks with the Jets this year and include a future second round pick. That may be too little for Revis, but he is coming off an ACL injury and will be 28 years old this season. 

By moving up to No. 5 in the draft, the Jets will be able to have their pick of either a solid offensive tackle or the defender of their choice. The Lions won't be hurt by moving down to No. 9, as they can still get a very effective DE or offensive line help if they so choose. 

Getting an extra second round pick will give the Jets the opportunity to pursue more inexpensive talent and speed up their rebuilding process. 

The Lions should at least kick the tires on Revis and see how outlandish the Jets' asking price is. The Lions clearly need to upgrade their secondary—adding a shutdown corner while still being able to draft an impact player in the first round would go a long ways toward making the Lions competitive in 2013.