WWE Manager Zeb Coulter: An Idea for We the People

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIMarch 7, 2013

We...The People! We...The People! We...The People!

The mantra chanted week in and week out by Jack Swagger and his manager Zeb Colter has had me thinking ever since Swagger and Colter began their crusade for a better America (in their own eyes). Revolutions are usually started by individuals, I think. Still, for one to create social change, you need a force. In ancient times you needed an army. In the WWE...you usually need a stable.


We...The People...

Sounds like a pretty good name for a stable led by Swagger and Colter, if you ask me. We're still a bit new to what WWE has in store for these two following recent issues regarding Swagger and what punishment may...or perhaps may not be in store. Still, going on to think that Swagger will remain relatively well, I actually have been mulling this over since the inception of the "We The People," battle cry.

Assuming that Swagger's punishment amounts to little more than not winning The World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29, I have a perfect solution as to the method for going about the construction of this stable.

Let's say Zeb and Jack try after a couple of attempts through Extreme Rules to (unsuccessfully) win the World Heavyweight Champion. Zeb seems like an an extremist to me, so I think going with that character assumption, instead of simply trying again with perhaps a new strategy, he can simply come to the conclusion that they need more soldiers in the war against foreigners.

So for the next few weeks, WWE can have Zeb and Jack go about finding new members. An easy way or a hard way.

The easy way consists of Jack and Zeb backstage talking while two American superstars go at it in the ring, talking between themselves about the aforementioned superstars, or maybe stopping people backstage for short, intrigue-building moments that may or may not go anywhere for said superstar.

The hard way is seeing how well other American-born superstars stack up against Zebs' right hand man, Jack Swagger. The point of the match wouldn't be to win, as much as it would be to impress Zeb that you've got what it takes to join in the fight. We could even take a page out of Evolutions' playbook.

Near the end of the match, Jack can look to Zeb. Zeb will raise his hand for a moment on the apron and, depending on if he was impressed or not, will give either a thumbs up or thumbs down. If it's up, you're in. If it's down...you're going down.

In the event of acceptance given the hard way, one would simply lay out the (foreign-born) ref, causing a DQ win for Swagger before leaving with Jack and Zeb. This would be a good way for some NXT talent to perhaps get called up after Swagger squashes a jobber or two, or give someone in need a new direction as many superstars would need.

Now for the fun part: speculating who would be good picks to join Jack and Zeb's new establishment. There are several American-born superstars in the WWE who could all make excellent additions to We The People.


Bo Dallas

Bo has all but disappeared from television since assaulting Wade Barrett backstage (which wouldn't be out of line for someone under Zebs' tutelage, I suppose). Perhaps a way to bring him back into the fold would be by having him lobby to join WTP, citing that he has what it takes to make an impact.

On a more practical note, Bo could learn a thing or two in the ring from working with Swagger. Getting someone so green with a couple of guys like Zeb and Jack could do wonders for Bo's future. Besides, everyone says they want to punch his face. Why not give them a reason to?


Micheal McGillicutty:

He's been the object of several people's affections. While nobody doubts that Micheal can wrestle, many can't seem to get past the fact that he's also a boring person. Luckily though, if he were to join up with Colter, he wouldn't need to talk as much and his lack of personality could easily be repackaged as intensity with the right coaching, something Swagger has shown an ability to do.

In addition, I actually think Micheal has the perfect look for a soldier/revolutionary gimmick. Something about him just seems to ache for a chance to portray an intense believer in something, and We The People could be that something.


Jake Carter

Son of WWE legend Vader, Jake is currently chilling out in NXT, teaming with Corey Graves for the most part. Carter is something of an interesting case. I've seen a good bit of his work. He's not bad in the ring, and his style is a bit like Swaggers', though more strike-based—not unlike the style used by Cody Rhodes to an extent. I think in time, Carter can be a big star, but the platform for that stardom can determine how he reaches it. I think a spot in a stable with a guy like Colter could be a big boost for his future.


Brad Maddox:

I know that a lot of people may only be aware of Brad Maddox as a referee and assistant to the general manger/RAW supervisor or RAW (a dead-end job if I've ever seen one, if you ask me). However, contrary to common knowledge, this man can go in the ring. I've seen him and he reminds me of The Brian Kendrick in a few ways, and that's a good thing.

A thinking mans' wrestler, I think having someone like him who's more new school and comical (but for the sake of the angle, still has the same views), would play well off Colter and Jack, who are more serious and old school. I think this could also help in his future development as a way of getting him across for a future run as a face.


There are a ton of other names that could join this group, but I think, including Jack and Colter, only two would be needed. I think that the current angle that Jack and Zeb are getting at has a lot of mileage, but only when played well. Truthfully, as of now, there's really no need go about creating a stable.

Still, the seeds being planted would really help in the future. Swagger can't remain a main-event player for years on end like some people. Having him able to do something different right off the bat could really help keep him fresh, as well as their angle, and this platform could help two promising stars.

Like I said, there's no need to get started yet. Still, planting the seed in people's mind that there are more people with their mentality around them than they think would be quite interesting.

We...The People...We...The People...