Kobe Bryant Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jokes and Cheetah Shoes Abound

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 8, 2013

Kobe Bryant took a little time out of a tumultuous season to sit down with Jimmy Kimmel and discuss players who don't believe the Lakers will make the playoffs, joke about his ability to pass and even meet trick-shot wunderkind Titus.

Oh, he also managed to wear some shoes that should make all you cheetah-print fans happy.

Below is the first clip with Bryant wearing a muted, dark outfit and whoa, what's on his feet? Thanks to USA Today, we have a closeup of those feline kicks.

The Black Mamba, who would now like to go by Vino, tells the story of the most competitive person in his household, which isn't him, surprisingly.

It's his six-year-old daughter who likes to get her dad to compete in nearly everything, including who can finish breakfast first.

At the 3:20 mark, Bryant jokes about his guarantee that the Lakers would make the playoffs. As funny as that particular statement sounds, he chuckles that any player who wouldn't have done the same would have been on the first plane out of Los Angeles.

The second clip features some awkward discussion about Dennis Rodman being an ambassador of sorts to North Korea.

Kimmel then asks if Bryant would ever take a trip to the isolated country, and that's when Bryant says he will pass. Both the host and the world are shocked he would pass anything.

The third clip starts with Kobe's dunk over Josh Smith, which will never get old.

The interesting portion of the clip begins around the 2:05 mark when Kimmel and Bryant discuss Kobe's retirement.

While he wants a ring, he isn't going anywhere.

He recognizes it's a special thing to play an entire career with one organization and will end his with the Lakers. As for the final moments, those will come "soon," which yielded some moans of disappointment from the crowd.

No worries, because we can turn that frown upside down with the best moment of the night, which actually took place behind the scenes.

Here is a tweet from Bryant that also features a picture with the sharpest shooter in the world, little Titus.

For those not familiar with the two-year-old phenom, he was featured on Kimmel recently and showed off his ability to drop adorable buckets from distance.

With Kobe Bryant calling it a career shortly, the Lakers may want to dissect this trick-shot video further.

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