Ray Lewis Selling Florida Mansion If You Have an Extra $5 Million Lying Around

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 8, 2013

Ray Lewis is packing his bags and moving out of his not-so-humble abode in South Florida. Let's do some window-shopping around the $5 million mansion.

Thanks to Realtor.com (h/t Busted Coverage), we now have some details and remarkable images from a house some of you millionaires might be interested in buying.

As Sports Illustrated reported in February, Ray Lewis will join ESPN, so it makes sense that he would sell this particular house for duties that take him north to Bristol.

As for the property, it's a 6,788-square-foot mansion featuring nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms, giving you enough variety to experience a new room every night of the week.

The house is listed at $4,995,000, but we round up to a cool $5 million because we are silly like that. Really, at that kind of money, nobody is going to miss that extra $5,000.

Here are some amazing photos of the West Palm Beach four-story house. 

As noted, the house does set up right next to the neighbors, giving little privacy. Not that this should be of real concern, because the inside is absolutely cavernous.

The patio is listed with an ocean view, which doesn't do this justice. You are basically sitting on the ocean, so this here is an ocean-sitting patio.

A man can really get some thinking done here. 

We have to mention the special particulars that Busted Coverage likes to offer with these stories. Among the many amenities, you can include that the home is "a quick 20-minute drive to the Playmates Lounge" and "only 6.8 miles to nearest Hooters location."

Not sure why you haven't tossed in a bid already.

We are sure Lewis will enjoy whatever lavish home he buys next, but it has to be tough leaving behind this enormous house sitting right along the beach.

I am sure the two-time NFL champion will find a way to get over it.

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