25 Ways to Know if You're a New York Yankees Fan

Travis BriscoleContributor IApril 14, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 04:  A.J. Burnett #34 of the New York Yankees pitches against the Chicago Cubs during their game on April 4, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Continuing in my series of "25 Ways To Know If You're a ______ Fan," this article is on the most storied franchise in baseball—the New York Yankees. Read the list, leave a comment on your thoughts, and enjoy.

So, New York, here is your list!

  1. You have a separate room that looks like Monument Park.
  2. You painted your room white with pinstripes.
  3. You buy any product endorsed by Derek Jeter.
  4. You cried after the "old" Yankee Stadium was torn down.
  5. You purchased a urinal from Yankee Stadium.
  6. You don't care how much money the Yankees spend in the offseason.
  7. Your favorite number is 26, but you would gladly change that to 27 by November.
  8. When the Yankees win, you consider Joe Girardi a genius.
  9. When the Yankees lose, you consider him an idiot.
  10. Your son's name is Yogi.
  11. You have lost track of what numbers have been retired by your team.
  12. Red Sox fans are hideous creatures in your eyes.
  13. You don't accept any clothing that is red, including socks!
  14. The season will always be considered a failure to you unless your team makes the playoffs (much less, wins the World Series).
  15. Your fantasy team name is the "Bronx Bombers."
  16. You never told anyone what you did to get tickets to the 2009 Home Opener.
  17. You back Alex Rodriguez with the steroid incident and all...unless it's October.
  18. You consider Nick Swisher your best reliever.
  19. You bought jerseys of A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia even before they signed.
  20. You have never forgiven Bill Mazeroski.
  21. You consider the Yankees superior to the Dodgers and Giants because they never left New York.
  22. Making a fraction of your team's payroll is good money.
  23. You have skipped work or school to go to a Yankees game.
  24. You consider all other teams filthy because there is no facial hair rule (except the Dodgers, but they have Manny).
  25. You think the Yankees are the best team ever!