TNA Lockdown 2013 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IMarch 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling's official Twitter account
Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling's official Twitter account

Since its inception in 2005, TNA Lockdown has always been a highly entertaining event. 

It's safe to say this year's show from the Alamodome kept up that reputation.

TNA's booking continued to be fairly questionable and controversial, but there's no arguing the action inside the ring was up-tempo, entertaining and memorable, while there were also a few twists and turns along the way. 

Let's take a look at the action. 

X Division Championship: Kenny King (c) defeats Christian York and Zema Ion

Now this is how you begin a pay-per-view. 

King and Ion delivered several high-wire, almost unbelievable maneuvers to get the crowd quickly involved, while York added some necessary power to help diversify the three-way battle. 

All-in-all, there were at least five different jaw-dropping moves in the thrilling match, and in the end, King was able to crush York with a DDT and the pin to keep his belt.

Joseph Park defeats Joey Ryan

It's difficult to follow a match where King and Ion seemingly put their lives on the line, and unfortunately for Park and Ryan, they faced the difficult task. 

The match didn't last long. Each wrestler showcased some powerful offense, but there was only so much that the duo could do, as evidenced by Park ripping Ryan's chest hair out midway through the action.

Finally, Ryan attempted the sunset flip, but Park stopped it and forcefully sat on his opponent for the expected win. 

Knockout Championship: Velvet Sky (c) defeats Gail Kim

As always, the TNA ladies brought it with a battle that featured lots of entertaining action and a slew of impressive moves. 

It appeared Kim was going to win her title back when she landed a huge inverted DDT, but Sky kicked out just in time. 

Kim wasn't happy about referee Taryn Terrell's count, so she got in her face and eventually slapped the official. Instead of disqualifying Kim, however, Terrell hit her with a spear, and Sky followed up with the In Yo Face for the pin.

Kim would get her revenge, attacking Terrell backstage later in the show. 

Robbie T defeats Robbie E

This was a back-and-forth match that let each wrestler showcase a different array of moves, but overall, it just felt "meh."

After a short while, Rob Terry hit his former partner with a bunch of clotheslines, a scoop and slam and then a spinebuster for the three count. 

Tag Team Championship: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode defeat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

As expected when considering the amount of talent in the ring, this was a terrific match with tons of scintillating action. 

There were very few dull moments, every wrestler put on an extremely good show and this will be a strong candidate for match of the night, but the ending was a little sloppy. 

In the end, Chavo hit Daniels with a frogsplash and pin, but the referee—who missed a potential three count moments earlier—said that Roode had tagged in by touching Chavo. Roode then snuck in and scored the pin after Chavo got taken out. 

Despite the uneasy finish, it was a memorable match that entertained on several different levels for a long time. 

Steel Cage Match: Wes Brisco defeats Kurt Angle

Poor Kurt Angle.

The 44-year-old star once again showed that he still has "it" with yet another terrific, athletic performance. He was far more impressive than Brisco, and even landed a massive German suplex off the top ropes (via Impact Wrestling): 

But he wasn't rewarded for his efforts.

After referee Earl Hebner was accidentally knocked out, Angle got Brisco to tap out with his ankle lock and then escaped the cage. It was all for naught, however, as D-Lo Brown came down, threw Angle back into the cage and dragged Brisco out just in time for Hebner to wake up and crown Brisco the winner. 

Team TNA defeats Aces & Eights

We'll flash forward to Sting's entrance, because that's when things seriously heated up. 

The Hall of Famer was the 10th and final member to make his way to the Lethal Lockdown match, but he brought with him two garbage cans full of weapons. 

Thanks to those weapons, Team TNA absolutely annihilated Aces & Eights for a while, but the heels eventually turned things around, doing their own damage for considerably less time. 

After Samoa Joe landed a massive Tower of Doom off the cage that took five other wrestlers to the ground, Sting hit Anderson with the Scorpion Death Drop and Eric Young finished the match off by landing a huge elbow drop off the top of the cage—arguably the move of the night. 

Impact Wrestling gives a good look of the memorable finish:

World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray defeats Jeff Hardy (c)

After some solid back-and-forth action, it appeared Hardy would defend his title, but two members of Aces & Eights came to the cage to interfere.

Bully Ray didn't want the victory that way, however, as he and Hardy successfully teamed up and fought off the members. 

However, after, Ray landed a huge Power Bomb off the top rope and both men lay fairly motionless, Aces & Eights once again returned to the cage at the same time as Hulk and Brooke Hogan. 

It appeared Ray and Hardy would fight off the heels once again, but Ray took a hammer from Devon, smashed Hardy with it and scored the pin to become the new champion.

He then told the Hogans he had been playing them the entire time, and announced he was the president of the Aces & Eights.

The end. Heel turn complete. 

Twitter Reaction

This tweet pretty much sums up Zema Ion's ridiculous performance:

Whenever people refer to you with the middle name of "freaking," you know you're doing something right.

Of course, Joseph Park's performance was just a little less technically sound, as evidenced by this fan's tweet:

Unfortunately, after a solid knockout match, the battle between bros didn't exactly win everyone over: 

The guys over at were just a few of many who were completed enthralled with the night's epic tag team match:

They weren't, however, thrilled with how Angle was treated during the following match:

This fan sums up the reaction to EY's ring-rattling move:

While many were discussing Bully Ray's heel turn, was interested in the amazing power bomb moments beforehand:


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