WWE Alumni: Are the New Age Outlaws Too Old to Win the Tag Team Titles? Hell No

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 10, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The New Age Outlaws returned to WWE TV with their first match on Raw in over a decade.  While a little long in the tooth, both men looked to be in very good shape and as over as ever.

The team has also been well-received while on tour with the WWE during house shows. 

Making quick work of Primo and Epico, their value appears to be as a one-off attraction to give nostalgic fans a little comfort food. 

But they can be so much more.

The former five-time WWE tag team champions were challenged to a match on Monday's Raw by Team Rhodes Scholars.  Thankfully, they accepted.

No, the Outlaws likely won't be able to consistently work long-form classics that bring a tear to Dave Meltzer's eye, but that was never their strong suit. 

The New Age Outlaws were just a fun, charismatic tag team that embodied the indescribable tag line of "attitude."  And they still are. 

Fans in the Buffalo area ate up every word of Road Dogg's famed circus introduction.  They then  screamed "suck it" in unison when cued by Billy Gunn.

It's clear that the WWE Universe has not forgotten about one of the most successful tag teams of the '90s.  And if Monday's Raw was a test run of how this tag team would be received in the New York-New Jersey market—home of WrestleMania 29—The New Age Outlaws aced that test. 

Team Hell No, while still entertaining, has peaked creatively.  Daniel Bryan and Kane are now going through yet another loop of dissension.  In order to settle a recent argument, the team wrestled the Prime Time Players with Daniel Bryan blindfolded while Kane had one hand tied behind his back.

Yeah, it's probably about that time for them. 

But if the WWE is serious about continuing their emphasis on tag team wrestling, The New Age Outlaws would be prime candidates to continue making the tag team titles seem like they matter. 

The Rock has returned to the WWE as a part-time superstar.  After ending CM Punk's extended streak as champion, the Hollywood A-lister who shined during the Attitude Era will have added more value to the WWE title after defending it on the WWE's biggest stage. 

Team Hell No is currently without a WrestleMania feud.  Taking on "The Road Dogg" Jesse James and "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn on the comeback would make for quite the WrestleMania storyline. 

And just imagine the New Jersey pop for the Outlaws should they win their first WWE tag team titles in 13 years. 

The east coast WrestleMania crowd will be an older crowd ready to embrace a legendary team of yesteryear.  If this clip from Madison Square Garden is any indication of how the Outlaws would be received in the NY-NJ market of WrestleMania 29, they should be booked immediately. 

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