WWE: Is WrestleMania 29 in Danger Because of Predictability?

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIMarch 11, 2013


WrestleMania 29 is less than a month away and all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. However, an issue that seems to surfacing regarding the pieces that are falling into place is the predictability.

One element of a great match or a great event is not knowing what is going to happen, or who the winner is going to be. With the matches set or expected to occur at WrestleMania 29, there seems to be a lack of that uncertainty.

Could WWE's premier annual event be in danger this year, because of the predictability? 

The matches already set for the event are John Cena versus The Rock for the WWE Championship, Alberto Del Rio versus Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship and The Undertaker versus CM Punk. Another match that is almost certainly going to happen is Triple H versus Brock Lesnar.

Those four matches will be the top four matches of the event. It is safe to say that you can predict who is going to win the WWE Championship match and the match between Taker and Punk.

The Rock vowed on Raw 1000 to win the WWE Championship again. He did just that by beating Punk at the Royal Rumble. Since then, The Rock has successfully defended the title against Punk at Elimination Chamber and redesigned the belt to symbolize a change in the company.

The fact of the matter is, The Rock is still Dwayne Johnson and he is still a part time Superstar. He had his reign as champion but now it is time to go back to his life outside the WWE and pass the belt on to someone else.

Cena hasn't held the WWE Championship in over a year and it wouldn't make sense for him to lose twice to The Rock at WrestleMania. This match will be the headline of the event despite it's foreseeable outcome.

The other match that you can pencil in the result now, is Undertaker versus Punk. For a while, Taker's status for WrestleMania 29 was uncertain. After his return on Raw last week and Punk's victory in the fatal four-way main event, the two are set to square off.

The Undertaker is 20-0 at WrestleMania. There is no way his streak is going to end and it will result in the third straight pay-per-view loss for Punk.

After Lesnar broke Triple H's arm twice and Vince McMahon's hip, it seems like Triple H will finally beat Lesnar at WrestleMania. While it is not a certainty, having Triple H return and talk about how he was going to retire after losing to Lesnar at SummerSlam, it wouldn't make sense for him to lose again.

The only match currently slated for WrestleMania, that doesn't have a predictable outcome is the World Heavyweight Championship match. Swagger, with the help of Zeb Colter and his "We the People" gimmick, has gotten a strong push since returning.

While Swagger will probably win and keep his strong push going, it is possible that Del Rio will retain the title and possible drop it at Extreme Rules.

So will pretty much knowing what will happen in the top matches at WrestleMania, take away from the event?  

In my opinion, the reason you watch WrestleMania, is for the nostalgia of the event and to see the big names that are involved. This year, there is no shortage of big names or historic matches.

While most WWE fans can predict the outcome of each match, the significance in the Superstars that will be in action and the potential quality of the matches, will make people want to watch.