Odds Florida State out Recruits Top SEC Teams for 5-Star DE Lorenzo Carter

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMarch 11, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star defensive end Lorenzo Carter is quickly becoming one of the most talked about recruits in the 2014 class, and it looks like his recruitment could end up very interesting.

Last week he talked about the Miami Hurricanes being a potential landing spot saying that he grew up a 'Canes fan. This week, another program from the state of Florida will have a lot to feel good about in regards to Carter's recruitment.

According to Michael Langston of Warchant.com, Carter really likes the Seminoles:

As far as his interest in Florida State, Carter gave the 'Noles high marks after attending the Clemson game in Tallahassee last season. Is his interest still the same?

"I'm really interested in Florida State. That's a defensive end factory. FSU losing three defensive ends, that definitely is a big part of the decision - a chance to play early," he said. "I like how they let their defensive ends pass rush all the time and that's what I love doing."

Here's what Carter had to say about Seminoles' defensive ends coach Sal Sunseri, per Langston:

"We were talking about basketball, how he wanted to see me at FSU and wanted to have me visit there. He has an electric personality. I like that though because I don't want to be around a coach with a dry personality," laughed Carter.

Carter has obviously established a connection with Florida State (Jimbo Fisher personally called him before the basketball semifinals according to Langston's report) and that could prove to be a huge difference on the recruiting trail for the Seminoles.

He is one of the elite recruits in the 2014 class, and his recruiting race will be extremely interesting to watch. Carter is ranked as the No. 1 weak-side defensive end and the No. 4 overall player in the 2014 class according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. 

Programs like Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, USC, and Vanderbilt are all listed as "warm interests" on his 247Sports interest list as are the Seminoles. He also has notable offers from programs like Clemson, Michigan, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas, and UCLA among others.

Wherever he does end up, Carter projects to be a great player at the college level. The good news for Florida State is that they have decent odds to land his commitment over his SEC options.

It doesn't look like the Big Ten will be much of a factor here and USC is the lone Pac-12 program on top of his interest list. Georgia Tech is an in-state program that's getting a good look, and then there's the Seminoles—who have to be considered the current powerhouse of ACC football.

Jimbo Fisher has done an excellent job in recruiting and that is bound to play out on the field. Florida State has already shown flashes of dominance under Fisher, and there's a great chance that the Seminoles can string a few dominant, contending years together. 

It all comes down to recruiting tough.

Florida State would offer Carter the chance to win big-time meaningful games, compete in the ACC, get national attention and perhaps even compete for a national championship or two. At the very least, Florida State should be in that discussion in the next few seasons. 

Carter is obviously in-tune to the fact that FSU is losing three defensive ends and that's going to be a major pitch for the Seminoles. Early playing time is a big draw and Carter admitted so himself via Langston's report.

Throw in the chance to play for a contending program and on the same unit as 2013 stud defensive recruits DeMarcus Walker, 5-star outside linebacker Matthew Thomas and 5-star cornerback Jalen Ramsey, and that's a strong pitch for FSU. The Seminoles are building a potentially elite, young defense and they can offer Carter the chance to be one of the cornerstones of that group.

It's still tough to see Carter leaving SEC country and one would be naive to count out the likes of Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and Florida for an elite state of Georgia recruit. Based on these recent comments though and the state of the Seminoles' program, I'd give Florida State decent odds in regards to being able to out-recruit the SEC for Carter.

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