Can the New Age Outlaws Revitalize the Tag Team Division?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistMarch 15, 2013

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Oh, you didn’t know?

If the New Age Outlaws had it their way, you would probably tell everyone that you know once you did.

The legendary team returned to Raw several weeks ago, and barring the vicious attack by Brock Lesnar, they have looked as impressive as ever.

There has been talk in recent months of the company trying to revitalize the tag team division, and the first step in the right direction was allowing Team Hell No, Kane and Daniel Bryan, to win the titles, thereby giving them credibility once again.

The Outlaws, albeit with some more mileage on them, are instantly credible as a threat to the titles.

The team already boasts a team pedigree that is second to none, with a total of five tag team title runs as a duo. Gunn has another five to his credit with other partners.

Since winning the tag team titles in September, Kane and Bryan have been the definition of dysfunctional. Granted their therapy with Dr. Shelby quieted the dissension for a short while, but they then degenerated into their old antics of in-fighting, arguments and chaos.

It seems that week in and week out, the WWE Universe tunes in to see when and if the team will finally lose their coveted titles. They have come close on several occasions, but as of this writing, they are still hanging on to them.

For a while, it seemed as if the company was going in the direction of letting Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, Team Rhodes Scholars, win the titles, allowing Kane and Bryan to finally engage in the feud that so many fans are anxiously waiting to see.

However, the company then briefly split the Scholars team, only to have them reform a short while later when they likely realized that the tag team division is incredibly thin.

Sure, teams like the Usos, Primo and Epico and the Prime Time Players all inhabit the ranks of the division, but these are essentially teams of enhancement talents at this juncture. The company is doing itself and its fans a disservice by even hinting that any of these teams could be a real threat to Team Hell No and their belts.

Enter the New Age Outlaws.

Yes, Billy Gunn in 49 years old, while the Road Dogg is 43, and neither is in the physical condition that they were during their heyday.

Both have been out of a WWE ring for many years, and are no longer at the top of their respective games. But fans are fooling themselves if they think that there is not plenty of tread left on the teams respective tires.

Plus, there is one thing that time did not change for the team, their ability to be a legitimate threat to the tag team titles.

And whether or not they actually do win the belts, a feud between the Outlaws and Team Hell No would be fodder for all kinds of fun for wrestling fans everywhere.

Imagine the laughs that could ensue with the Outlaws poking fun at Bryan’s beard. Or even Bryan ridiculing how old the two veterans are. It is worth noting that his own partner Kane is actually 45, and therefore older than the Road Dogg, but that should not matter at all.

To get to the title picture, though, the Outlaws will likely have to go through Rhodes and Sandow, who they were supposed to lock up with before being decimated by Lesnar. Fans can only hope that this week on Raw will mark the beginning of big things for the suddenly relevant former champs.

And if they can overcome the opposition of Rhodes and Sandow, could it be a very short time before we see the New Age Outlaws wearing tag team gold once again?