WWE Rumors: Why Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston Shouldn't Happen

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As WrestleMania XXIX draws nearer, rumors persist regarding how the remainder of the card will be put together. Some speculation has emerged with respect to the Tag Team Championship picture as there is suddenly talk about Team Hell No defending the titles against Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston, although that would be an awful move on the WWE's part.

According to PWInsider.com (via WrestlingInc.com), the WWE creative team is considering a match between Team Hell No and the pairing of Ziggler and Langston at WrestleMania. Langston attacked Bryan following Ziggler's victory over him on Raw and Bryan taunted A.J. the previous week on SmackDown, so there is obviously a basis for some type of feud.

With that said, going through with such a plan simply wouldn't be sensible on the WWE's part. The dynamic between Bryan and A.J. is admittedly interesting, and the prospects of Ziggler and Langston as a team are intriguing as well due to their complementary styles. At the same time, placing Ziggler in a tag match would send negative reverberations throughout the rest of the card.

The biggest problem with utilizing Ziggler in this manner is the fact that he is Mr. Money in the Bank. Ziggler is well passed the point of being part of a tag team and he really should be given a significant singles victory on the big stage. The obvious solution is to have Ziggler face Chris Jericho in a singles match as he is precisely the type of veteran superstar who can put on a great match with Ziggler and ultimately put him over.

Ziggler and Jericho have plenty of history and it's quite laughable that they aren't currently engaged in a long-running feud. Jericho beat Ziggler back at SummerSlam, but Ziggler beat him the next night, which resulted in Jericho being "fired." Jericho then returned at the Royal Rumble as the No. 2 entrant after Ziggler entered as No. 1. They battled throughout the match and it seemed blatantly obvious that something bigger was being built.

The angle was quickly dropped, though, as Jericho switched his focus to The Shield and most recently to Wade Barrett and The Miz. Many seem to believe that Jericho will continue to feud with Barrett and The Miz through 'Mania, but I don't see that being the case. Y2J is always willing to put over younger superstars such as Barrett, but I doubt that he came back to compete in a match that will be featured at the bottom of the card.

Jericho vs. Ziggler wouldn't be a main event match by any means, but they could very well steal the show in a 15-minute match. Jericho and Ziggler have already proven to have fantastic chemistry together and it seems like Jericho genuinely respects Ziggler as a competitor. With that in mind, I'm sure he would be happy to supply Mr. Money in the Bank with a huge WrestleMania triumph.

This would also allow The Miz and Barrett to have a singles match for the Intercontinental Championship. That wouldn't be ideal by any means, but it would be better than a muddled triple threat. Ziggler is the key to the WrestleMania mid-card in a lot of ways as he is the straw that stirs the drink. I can't help but think that his considerable talent would be wasted in a tag team setting.

Also, having Ziggler and Langston face Team Hell No would leave many deserving tag teams off the card. My initial thought was that there would be a tag team turmoil match or a battle royal of some kind in order to accommodate the WWE's fairly deep tag division. Among them are Team Rhodes Scholars, Brodus Clay and Tensai, Prime Time Players, The Usos, Primo and Epico, 3MB and perhaps even the New Age Outlaws if the WWE is so inclined.

Instead, this rumor suggests that the WWE will put Ziggler and Langston, who have never teamed together, in the Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania. I hardly see how that would reflect well upon the tag team division. Additionally, it is unclear how the WWE would go about booking this match as there is no obvious result.

Team Hell No has been great, but it is time for Kane and Bryan to go their separate ways. That means they should drop the Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania, but Ziggler and Langston shouldn't be the ones to take the belts. Ziggler needs to focus on the World Heavyweight Championship and there is honestly no need for him to be in the hunt for the tag straps.

The only way I could see this playing out successfully would be if Ziggler turns on Langston after the match and perhaps even dumps A.J. in the process so he can go off on his own. Ziggler honestly doesn't need a sideshow following him around wherever he goes because he is easily one of the most talented and entertaining superstars on the roster.

As beneficial as that could potentially be for Ziggler, the best situation for him is still a match with Jericho at WrestleMania. They are familiar with each other, they have a reason to feud and there are a lot of fans who want to see them have another match. It's a no-brainer, but for some reason the WWE doesn't seem to understand that.

With less than a month until WrestleMania, the writers obviously have to make some decisions. Although the rumors are pointing toward Team Hell No vs. Ziggler and Langston, I'm not necessarily buying it. If the WWE does decide to go that route then it would unequivocally be the incorrect decision.


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