FC Bayern Munich: Thoughts on FC Bayern's Loss to Arsenal and FCB Player Ratings

Samrin HasibAnalyst IMarch 14, 2013

Complacency, the 'C' word. It is almost a cancer when FC Bayern is concerned.

Today, on a strange day at the Allianz, the Bayern defense showed its true colors. They advanced to the quarter finals but only just. The Champions League is a long competition and there is still as much of a chance as Bayern progressing to the final as there was after the first leg. The performance was shocking. The best way to perhaps sum up what exactly went wrong is through Player Ratings.

Manuel Neuer: 6/10

Neuer was culpable for both goals against Dusseldorf on Saturday. Today, he certainly did not inspire much confidence in his area. He was not directly at fault for either goal and had Arsenal players manhandle him in the second half but Manuel did not look like he would keep a clean sheet today.

Philipp Lahm: 8/10

Bayern's best player on the night was their captain. On Fox Soccer, one commentator kept on mentioning in the post game show that Bayern missed their captain Bastian Schweinsteiger tonight. However, Bayern's actual captain did do a captain's job and often took the game into his hands as his side suffered endlessly.

Dante: 6/10

When Dante is not at his best, Bayern suffers. And he was not at his best today. The rest last week certainly did not help the Brazilian.

Daniel Van Buyten: 6.5/10

Again, he was not great. Bayern could have done with Jerome Boateng's pace tonight. Van Buyten overall did an average job.

David Alaba: 5/10

The young Austrian has rarely ever been poor this season. However, an untimely slip from him caused Bayern endless troubles tonight. Had that early goal not occurred, the game would perhaps not become as nervy as it did. Bayern never woke up after that early goal. Also, in the first leg, an untimely slip almost allowed Arsenal to score.

Javier Martinez: 6/10

He is a tackler but not a creator. He is there to do the dirty job. He did try to provide inspiration by stepping forward quite often but clearly, he missed Schweinsteiger.

Luiz Gustavo: 6.5/10

Gustavo did his job tonight; he was more of a worry for this one than Martinez in terms of performance prior to the match but may be, next to Schweinsteiger in the quarterfinals, he will do well.

Arjen Robben: 4/10

His selfishness masks all the good things about him. He missed a crucial chance which would have ended the tie. He failed to pass to his teammates. Mario Mandzukic and Martinez were rightfully unhappy with him at times.He was dynamic and held the ball well. Had he passed often, he could have won this tie for Bayern through his performance.

Toni Kroos: 7.5/10

One of Bayern's best players on the night was the man who controlled much of the game. Kroos threatened the goal from distance more than any Bayern player did from nearby. His passing was great and he hardly lost the ball. He is crucial to Bayern's hopes in latter rounds. Today, had he sat as the DM, things might have turned out differently. He had to make up for the lack of creativity all round today.

Thomas Muller: 5.5/10

He brought his energy with him but that is all we got from him today. His passing and finishing were poor. Muller needs more consistency in his game. He should have scored today. He was simply not the Muller we know.

Mario Mandzukic: 4/10

This was one of Mandzukic's poorer performances. He was hardly visible and was not in the box when threatening passes were coming in. Mandzukic just did not show up today.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: N/A

He helped Bayern steady the ship today.

Mario Gomez: N/A

He did not really get a chance to have an impact.


Overall, this was perhaps the best time for a warning to come to Bayern. Their feet are back on the ground. They are not the best team in the world. A better team than Arsenal would have taken advantage of their haplessness and complacency tonight. The defence was incredibly poor and conceded two goals which should never have come about.

The Allianz has witnessed a few sad nights down the years. This was one of the worst of them. The overall performance never merited a win. A first loss in 2013 has come at the right time for Bayern. Again, this game in no way shows just how good Bayern can be. They have as much of a chance of making the final as they did in the first leg. They saw out the final minutes of injury time well, not allowing Arsenal to do what Galatasaray did to Schalke yesterday.

FC Bayern Munchen is a proud club. Tonight, they let their supporters and themselves down incredibly. This team is capable of performing even without Franck Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger. They just did not show up today. Bayern has a few holes to fix before they can eye the treble. 

Because today, the treble seems a million miles away. One bad performance almost undid all the good work of the current season. They need to get their heads together for a showdown against the team which handed them their only season loss in the Bundesliga so far, Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

The label of chokers will return as they almost gave everything away today. They will go back to being underdogs (despite 2010 and 2012). They will not be mentioned in the same breath as Real Madrid or Barcelona. Perhaps, that suits Bayern just fine.

And now, we wait for Friday to find out if the two German powerhouses get drawn against each other.


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