Jay Bilas Tools on Notre Dame's 'Shamrock Shake' Warm Ups

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

March Madness is approaching fast and Jay Bilas is already getting sick to his stomach. 

What's the cause of the indigestion? Notre Dame’s new “Shamrock Shake” warm-up duds. 

Bilas sat giggling during the pre-game breakdown of the Notre Dame-Rutgers game Wednesday night, fighting back laughter as sportscaster Sean McDonough introduced his colleagues covering the night’s contest. 

“I’m still thinking about shamrock shakes,” Bilas said, cutting off McDonough.

“It look like someone had a Shamrock Shake and threw up on them!”  

Bilas was speaking of the lime green and gray Adidas warm-ups the Fighting Irish were sporting in the pre-game layup lines.

McDonough, Bilas and analyst Bill Raftery all laughed—some more sincerely than others, and a weird “How do we salvage this moment?” situation followed.

“I wish you hadn’t gone there,” McDonough said, clearly not jazzed about having to transition out of a vomit joke on national television. “But you have. So we’re stuck with it.”

Bilas’s remarks might’ve left McDonough stranded, but they also raised an important question: What is going on with Adidas' new line of college basketball uniforms? 

They’re daring, sure—but at a certain point, when does it stop being fashionably adventurous and become chucking patterns on cloth just to see what kids buy?

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