Johnny Football Is Bro-Ing Out in Cabo, Obviously

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

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Another day, another picture of Johnny Football doing Johnny Football things.

If Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel’s goal this offseason is squeezing every drop of joy he can get out of his freshman year in college, he can rest assured—the mission has been completed. 

Texas A&M's star quarterback is currently on spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—where he tweeted the “greatest picture ever” of he and one of his bros being kings of the world at El Squid Roe nightclub.

Johnny might’ve been a little tipsy at the time he decided this was his best picture ever—considering Mexico is one of the only places the 20-year-old can enjoy an adult beverage without people writing their congressmen. So we might have to disagree this is the best picture he's taken in the last few months.

Manziel had a pretty great one in Dallas.

And he had another one at an Oklahoma casino.

Don’t forget the Scooby Doo special.

So no, the competition for “greatest picture ever” is far from decided for Manziel at this point. But be sure, like the others, this picture will certainly spark another “Why is he having fun? He should be on the football field or encased in an NCAA-approved chicken cage being fed Internet classes through a Wifi IV drip!”

But it’s nice to see he’s having a blasty-good time on vacation. 

Hopefully he stays safe and doesn’t leave his resort, though. Momma said bad things can happen if you wander off the premises down there.

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